Sunday, October 11, 2009

So about that giveaway...

Remember that giveaway? Well, I finallly had a minute to conduct my very scientific method of selecting winners...I asked my 10 year old to pick a number between one and five (cuz that's all the entries there were). He picked #3 (for the red ones) and #4 (for the green ones). So, that means that if you are "Christine AKA Stine" and "Jessica" you are the lucky winners! Please email me at info at lotuspaperie dot com with your mailing address so we can get your recipe cards to you! Thanks for playing and congratulations!!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, by the way.


Jessica said...

oh gosh thank you so much!

Carole said...

Speaking of whom, I saw your youngest son on the front page of the local paper. What a cutie!

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