Saturday, February 24, 2007

In mourning...(Challenge 9)

What a sad day it was yesterday. My computer died. I got a nasty virus and it won't turn on and I feel like I've had my left arm cut off! You forget how important you computer can be to you when you can't use it. I think I can salvage the files, I just have to get booted up first. So, despite some minor limitations ( like having to steal my husband's laptop just to make this post) I am going to try and compose your challenge. Because I have no image files (or any other files for that matter) stored on my darling husband's machine, you will have the total freedom of creativity with your physical page layout. This week, let's try something with extra focus on our journaling. For our challenge, we will attempt to love some hand drawn titles and/or journaling. Maybe stick to just one photo for added emphasis on the image and the journaling, so we don't overwhelm the page. Go buckwild with your embellishments, just interpret the page based on your photo. This seems rather wide open, I know, but that's totally on purpose. Really, it's just because I have no image files to draw from and this seemed like a fun and easy way to get this week's challenge issued!! So, that being said, go on now and get scrappin'

And while you're at it, sit down at your computer and back up every single file you care about and store it somewhere safe! Trust me, some of that stuff you can't ever get back again and some of it that can be re-made, you just don't wanna have to remake it!

I'll post my layout as soon as the software is installed for the laptop to read my flash drive for the camera and I have to install Photoshop Elements too...gosh, it's going to be a busy weekend.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Weddings Weddings Weddings

I took these photos today, making the most of some amazing lighting. I have been working like crazy getting a few weddings wrapped up and I have to tell ya, it has been so much fun! So, have a look at these samples and feel free to tell me what you think of them.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Attack (challenge 8)

It's amazing, I actually got it all done and the weekend has barely begun! You may recognize the photo from an earlier post. This is one of Seth's classic temper tantrums, which my dad calls "happy attacks". I just love how this page turned out. I got to use my new rub on alphas & foam letter stickers and I can't get over that amazing floral paper. I'm glad there's still half of the sheet left for another layout!

Show me what you've done with the sketch.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Challenge 8

Can you dig it?!?! This is the sketch for this week. Feel free to tone down the quantity of flowers and also, don't forget that you can always take these sketches and rotate them to better suit your photos.

I especially like this sketch because it has a similar feel to one that I was working on with my friend, Michelle. She's doing a book for her mother's 80th birthday and just because of her enthusiasm for the end result, the residual vibe of creativity has overflowed onto today's sketch.

As always, I would like to see you try techniques that maybe you haven't used before or to revisit an old favorite from long ago. Dust off something out of your archives and don't forget to post your artwork!

Have a great time creating and have a restful and creative weekend!


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Challenge 7

As amazing as this is, I am able to post my page for this week's sketch. You've already seen this photo of Noah and I am pleased with the end result. I am currently planning on Friday's challenge and I really want to see your guys' interpretations of these challenges. Have fun and I'll be back just as soon as my internet allows!

internet mood swings

Sometimes, modern technology is our best friend and sometimes it is our worst enemy! I have been trying all week to get the challenge and my own page posted and my internet service keeps going on the blink. But here I am, on Wednesday, posting the challenge as well as my own page in the hopes that someone will be interested in attempting this one even though the next one is only 2 days away. This is your sketch for the week. I want you to try sanding some of the paper or an embellishment and see what you think of the finished product. Try and think outside the box with your anchor embellishment for this page. Do something different from your usual techniques. Push your own comfort zone with 'your style'. You might like what you come up with.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I can't believe I forgot!

I actually forgot to post a challenge this week. Mind you, considering I taught five classes last week (and my personal limit is 3) we can all agree that there's a pretty good chance that I was TIRED!!! I am taking a little time this morning to review some of my more recent scrap mags for inspiration and will post your challenge later today. I know it doesn't really leave you much time before the next one on Friday, but remember the point is for this to make you feel good about getting scrapping done rather than letting your stacks of photos gather dust.

Come back later and I'll have a great challenge for you to try. I'll even have my page ready by the end of the day...just to keep it fair.


Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A little slow gettin my page posted...

I know I said I'd have this up here days ago, but you know how life has a funny way of taking all your spare time and eating it for breakfast!!

I have to tell you about the absolutely stellar week I've had. I got a new haircut, which is the first step in redefining how I want the world to perceive me. Naturally, I feel like a million bucks now that I have amazing hair! Also, I had a couple of ladies travel from a city 3 hours away just to attend one of my classes. That is seriously good for the ego. And then the icing on the cake of my week has got to be the great story that the Comox Valley Record did about me and my business in their annual wedding supplement. It has been a week of prosperity and praise. I can't get over it.

I also got my Valentine's Day gift from Ray early (since he'll be in camp and wanted to witness my reaction first-hand). He's a very smart guy...he got me a 3 hour spa treatment! I get a mani, a pedi, and a facial. I've experienced the luxury of the first two, but not the last one. I have a spooky feeling that I will have discovered a new passion for self care in a whole new way! I have been knitting him a sweater for Valentine's. I'll post a pic of him wearing it once he's back home.

I am off to teach tonight but will be back again sooner rather than later, I hope to get caught up on my updates. Get scrappin' !


Friday, February 2, 2007

Challenge 6

It always amazes me how fast a week can go by. I am totally blown away that it is Friday again...already! I have had a very full week. I have boogied through a couple of wedding invitation orders and have to prepare for a class today. Ray & I are headed out to a fundraiser dinner for YANA and I'm stopping in the Scrapbook Room in Campbell River for a quick shop. In and amidst all that busyness I will be thinking of how I will complete this week's challenge. I just received a scrap-page-of-the-month kit from Mosh Posh and it has been the inspiration for our challenge. My kit includes some very interesting elements that I think you will enjoy trying to incorporate into you own pages. The above sketch is for this week. I want you to include a large format photo, buttons, brackets and machine stitching. It wouldn't hurt to use up some scraps while you're at it. Let's see what you do with this one!

Have fun
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