Monday, February 1, 2010

Introducing Sasha

Wow. January is over already. Went fast, didn't it? I am really excited by all the changes and newness of this year and I have to tell ya that February is bringin' more! In January, we saw some stellar layouts from our good friend, Stacy Stone and now that her position is opened up for a new guest designer, we're just about vibrating with excitement over February's artist. This girl is funny as s**t and cracks me up steadily. She's about as genuine & real as they come and her layouts are rather fine too! She's a powerhouse of creativity and we're thrilled to welcome her on board for February. Here she is, the one and only Sasha Holloway!

Q-Tell us a bit about you & your family

A- I am a Georgia girl living in a military world. I am married with 2 beautiful boys. 3 if you count my husband. We are currently stationed in NM but getting ready to move to England in a month. We love to travel and get out and see the world.

Q-Why do you scrapbook?

A- I scrapbook because it is fun. Of course you want to leave behind something for the kids and all that but. I love to create and cut up paper it is a free release of therapy for me. I do not follow the rules of this game. I have to keep it fun that way and not get caught up in the crazy artificial hype of it all at times.

Q-What is on your playlist right now?

A- Jay Z “Empire State of Mind”, Duffy “Syrup and Honey”, Pink “Just Like A Pill”, Beyonce “Video Phone”, Alicia Keys “Try Sleeping w/a Broken-heart”, Kings of Leon “Use Somebody” .. need I keep going .. I love love love music.

Q-Where fuels your creative mojo?

A- Sometimes it is the paper, or a picture ... I can surf blogs and just get creative that way it all depends also on my mood and if I have some stuff to get off my chest.

Q-What projects are on your scrap table today?

A- I am working on some random ATC’s, and just personal projects I want to do before I PCS overseas since I will not be able to scrap for almost 2 months. I am okay with it. Sometimes I have to step away from the table or I will get bored ..

Q-Which products are currently getting the most action in your layouts?

A- Of course October Afternoon, Sassafras, Jillibean Soup, letter beads, butterfly punches

Q-Tell us about one of your personality quirks (weird habits/rituals)

A- I have to burp after I drink and or let out a little gas and stuff. Nah I kid, I have to floss after every meal and or brush my teeth twice a day if I am able.

Q-When you finish working on a layout, do you tidy up or walk away and leave the mess?

A- Oh dear gawd I HAVE to clean up .. matter of fact I have to clean up AFTER every thing I create and start with a new and fresh slate ..even if I am going to use it again I clean it up.

Q-Have you ever had a scrapbooking disaster? (spilled paint, burnt w/ heat gun?) and if so, were you able to rescue the destroyed layout?

A- Yes I wasted a soda on my layout that I had created for October Afternoon when I guest designed and LUCKILY I had some of the paper they sent me and I print my own pictures. After I gave birth to a few “f” bombs ..I started over .. whew!

Q-If time stood still for just one day, what would you do with the time?

A- I would sleep to be honest with you .. I would literally get nekkid and sleep.

Q- Please share three of your favorite layouts.


Tania said...

Welcome Sasha. Absolutely love your layouts. It was great to get to know you! :)

Sasha "sweet thang" Holloway said...

Hey there .. I am super excited to be joining you this month .. cannot wait to spread some inspiration and gain some in the process .. you guys ROCK for real ..

Eva said...

Your Lo's are absolutely great!nLove your style!

Ladybastard said...

wooow i love those pages!

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