Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's about dang time!

Well, at long last one of my trusty pals has emailed me a page that they did from this week's challenge. Danielle Hayward, who is one of the ladies who has decided to join the design team, has sent her version of this week's sketch. I love the black and white. While this is a totally wild guess, but I bet those roses are from her hubby, Frank for their 10th wedding anniversary. WOO HOO!!

Awesome work D, now it's everyone else's turn!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Challenge 21 (Naked)

These are some older photos of Seth at the beach on Hornby Island (Tribune Bay) in 2006. We had joined Shannon and her gaggle of kidlets on their annual March Break visit to Auntie Manda's place. Noah and Seth had never been to Hornby before and it was a place that I spent many summers as a kid. It was pretty special for me to share that with them. Oh, I might point out, the title for this page was not cut by hand, but rather with my Cricut. I love this thing. It maximizes the multi tasking factor like no other tool out there.

Let's see what you guys did with this one...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

eye candy

I just stumbled upon this poster for North Island College's Pro Photo students gallery showing. I have had the privilege of posing for a few of them so far and have had a truckload of fun. The most exciting session was by far the one where I got into a pool fully dressed and assumed my "America's Next Top Model" persona and posed (with eyes open) underwater!! Now, that might not sound like much, but considering the fact that I NEVER open my eyes underwater and am strictly a non-dunker and a bit of a chicken in the deep end, this is a serious accomplishment! My oldest son, Noah was posing as well except he got to wear goggles and some very cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle hand paddles with webbing between the fingers. I can't even tell you how cool some of these pics are gonna be. I don't know if any of the images of me are going to be in the exhibit (although, secretly I'm hoping they are) but you will definitely enjoy some serious eye candy at this show.

The show runs from June 1-16 at the Muir Gallery, 440 Anderton Ave. FMI call 250-334-2983

Opening night is definitely going to be a night to remember. You gotta check these artists out!!


Design Team

Good morning and happy Saturday!

Today, I'm off to demonstrate at an all day crop in Comox, BC and in all my hustle and bustle of getting ready, I thought I'd just take a minute to extend an invitation to anybody who might be interested in participating on my design team. The idea is that you would be emailed each months' sketches at the beginning of the month, you scrap them & photograph them, email them to me and I post them with each sketch on Fridays. If you are interested in being a part of this very creative and fun group of scrappers, please post here or email me directly with a link to your artwork. The design team will consist of about six or seven artists and two spots have been filled already. This is a great opportunity to both get some personal scrapping done and to get published while you're at it!

The design team will be introduced in the fall and those of you invited to be a part of the group will be notified in early June.

C'mon and get scrappin...send me your stuff guys!


Friday, May 25, 2007

Nutritional Information

Your Nutritional Information:
Servings Per Container: 1

% Daily Value
Sweetness:41 g82%

Bitterness:283 mg26%

Power:12 g34%

Healthful:70 mg28%

Excitement:222 mg20%

According to a silly online quiz, the above is my nutritional information. I think it says in a very indirect way that I'm sweet but boring! HAHAHAHA I can't begin to explain how this could possibly have any kind of value to anyone other than the "ha ha" factor. Try one for yourself if you want...go HERE and see what your nutritional information says!


Challenge 21

Amazing...I'm actually on top of things enough to post today's sketch and not feel that overwhelming sense of impending doom. You know the feeling, it's the one you get just before you decide to procrastinate on something combined with the feeling you get once you've procrastinated!

Now I realize that this sketch is very heavy on the journaling so I urge you to try and do your journaling on the computer to make it all fit. If you are unsure of how to get the columns (which are easier to read that much journaling than straight across the page) set up a table in Word or whatever program you use and just take a second to mark the borders as 'none'. Make sure your columns are either left aligned or fully justified to create that even flow of text. You can even set it up to accommodate the photo in the middle (if you're really skilled with mucking around in your word programs!)

So all that being said, I will post hopefully later today with a page that bears as much journaling as that and show you one way to translate this week's sketch!

If you have problems and need some tech support in the word processing program department, feel free to email!! (after I've posted, so that I have recent experience to draw from!)

Good luck and have fun!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's monday, but it's tuesday!

I get so confused on these short weeks...Although I love the extra time off, I just can't manage to adjust my internal calendar to match the shortened week. Our family spent yesterday (Victoria Day) in Cumberland with our good friends, the Cockertons (or Campertons or Cockpos, depending on how you know them). We watched the parade and enjoyed some of Cumberland's Empire Days festivities. Here are a few pics that I grabbed from the parade...

After days like yesterday which was a mellow and fun-filled day spent with family and dear friends, it makes a person just happy to be alive and very appreciative of those in one's world who are supportive, understanding, loving and precious!!

I hope you all had as great a long weekend as we did...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

tell time with style (and vanity!)

I made this fabulous clock with components by Creative Imaginations. I have been holding on to the package for a while until I decided on the color and the photos. This was truly an inspired moment of creativity. You'd never know that parts of the design were "creative opportunities" AKA mistakes! I love these photos so much. I have made some very cool projects with them including marble tile coasters and of course, a scrapbook album. I think I almost like this clock more than the slatwall!

Funny that I like the clock so much even though it's kinda vain of me to like it as much as I do. But honestly, it's not so much about the photos, but the overall composition. I LOVE the Heidi Swapp clock face overlay. I'm tempted to make clocks for every room of the house but as it is, we have 4 phones that have the time, two computers that have the time, I wear a watch and so does Ray, each of our cell phones have clocks, there are six clocks in the kitchen/dining/living rooms, three in the studio, two in our bedroom and one in Noah's room! I get the feeling that we don't need any more clocks!

Oh well, anything in the name of creativity, right??

Mother's day

This year I said to my husband that the only thing I wanted for Mothers Day was time. I wanted a little free time to use however I wanted. I got exactly what I asked for. So, on that Sunday, I called my dad who came over with his pickup truck and we headed to Home Depot. We bought a huge panel of slatwall and some primer & paint. We brought it back to my house where I proceeded to spend the afternoon (with some potentially very threatening weather) priming and painting every groove and crevice to absolute perfection. Ray kindly helped me mount it to the wall in my studio (or more accurately, I helped HIM!) and a few days later, the fixtures arrived. I love the results. I'm so much more inspired by my space and have a million other decor ideas that I CAN'T wait to implement!!!! I'll update as it all happens!


Blogging guilt (challenge 20)

I have been playing a nasty game of catch-up with my work ever since I got sick...it was beginning to feel like I'd never get on top of things but it would seem that I'm no longer as far behind as I was a week ago. I have so many cool things to show and share, but the first things to show you are my pages for past sketches. I forgot about 17 an 18, but they're coming. But from top to bottom are my pages for sketch 19, sketch 20 in the middle and my page for sketch 20 on the bottom. I'll post a few more pics later on of some of the other projects that kept me from blogging and also from my personal scrapping. I'd LOVE it if some of you would post comments, just click on the "comments" link below each post and follow the instructions...

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Being sick sucks

I just returned from a great family trip to Victoria BC, but I gotta say how many challenges come up when 3/4 of the family is fighting a nasty, nasty cold. One of us was coughing all night, one's head was in a permanent fog and one was nauseous. Not exactly the makings of relaxing family time. BUT, nonetheless, we did manage to take in the IMAX "Deep Sea" and the Titanic exhibit at the museum. We saw some family and ate at a LOT of restaurants. It was really great even though we were under the weather, so maybe for the next trip we'll be feeling better and it will be an even better trip.

I know I didn't post a challenge page for this past Friday so here's one for those of you who check regularly.
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