Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Don't forget!

You have until the end of today to upload the links to your scraplifts of Emilie's work found in THIS POST!! There's a delicious RAK just waiting to be addressed to you so don't delay...upload!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Challenge 104

Christmas is over already? All that preparation for a month and it flies by in a day. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

We have lots of stuff going on right now. The Blogaversery was a couple of days ago, pick your favourite Lotus Paperie challenge and link it up here for a chance to win a RAK.

Are you ready for another challenge? Join us and load your layout to the flickr group. You just might be the lucky one to win a RAK!

Don't forget to get your scraplifts of Emilie's layouts done for another chance at a RAK! Link your layouts to this post.

And from our Design Team...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Blogoversary!!!

It's the 2nd birthday for the Lotus Paperie Blog! YAY!! I'm getting to this post fairly late but I wanted to put a challenge to you...Go back in the posts and choose your favorite challenge, create a page and upload the link to your page in the comments section. I'll have special Christmas products for the winners...not sure how we'll pick the winners just yet. I'll probably just ask Ray to pick a number at random. Very scientific, I know.

Design team, if you can pry yourselves away from your holiday baking and gift wrapping, we'd love to see your favorites too!

edited: oh ya, you have 2 weeks to link up to your pages...

Thank you so very much to every single one of you for being a part of this fun creative environment. We'd have nothing without all of you!!! Merry almost Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Well, isn't this more post today. I'm on a roll! Okay, there's a winner for the November Scraplift challenge of Jenny's work. The lucky winner is Shanks! See her work here and this is the winning layout! Shanks, email me at with your mailing info and I'll get your package out to you after the crazy post office lineups subside!

and because I know how much you all LOVE a good contest, here's a slightly late look at the three finalists for November's Flickr Challenge. There's a poll on the sidebar which will be up for the next two weeks for you to cast your vote!

Allison Curry
"Talk Birdy to me"

Patricia Rodriguez
"Shhh... He's sleeping"

"I heart dirt"

update (and excuses)

Okay, I'm way behind on things
I'm finally back from a road trip that was way too long
Everyone in my house is sick
There's mountains of packages to ship
I am behind on posting some really important stuff
I'm not even done Xmas shopping *sigh*

Funny how in December everything seems to be bigger and badder than in any other month. I have a mammoth cold and so does Ray. We never get sick at the same time. I got home on Friday night and on the last leg of the trip, I got to thinking about all the stuff I hadn't been able to work on while I was away. I got sick and tired of fighting with hotel wireless (or lack thereof) to even dream of staying caught up.

So if you are waiting for a parcel from me, it'll get to you after the holidays. If I tried to ship it while this sick, I'm sure your package would wind up in Cuba or something...actually Cuba sounds like a great place to be given that it's -40 or so here but I digress...I promise I'll get the November Favorite Flickr pages posted and the poll up as soon as I can so we can celebrate our monthly favorites and then we'll be ready for another round of faves in January.

Update on Emilie, she's sicker than sick with "the Mother of all colds" as she told me in her last email. Not to mention that she's been having allergic reactions to most cold meds so needless to say, the hives accompanying her nasty cold aren't exactly conducive to scrapping. Poor girl. Go over to her blog and give her some love to help her with her holiday spirit...if anyone is near to her location, perhaps you could lend her a hand so she could get her tree up!

I want to send out an industrial sized Thank You to my trusty pal and co-blogger, Tania. Dude, you are an effin' kept the blog cookin' along while I was gone and it was as smooth as a baby's bottom! Nicely done, flawlessly executed. Giant sigh of relief for me. Good help is hard to find and Tania, you are as good as they come!! THANK YOU !!!

Okay, I'm off to try and catch up on the teetering mountains of mail, return emails, round up parcels for mailing (after the holidays...those lines scare me!) scratch a few items off the to-do list and maybe even have a shower. I know I'm aiming high...maybe I'll actually get it all done.

PS. Tomorrow's our 2nd Blogoversary! Check back for the fun :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Challenge 103

Bet you are all busy getting the last minute Christmas shopping and preparations together. I know I am. The next challenge is up and ready, great excuse to take some time for yourself, escape the chaos, and scrap!

Are you ready for the next challenge? This week the design team (and you) are challenged to


and there is some amazing inspiration this week. :)

If you've received any parcels in the mail recently, this challenge is perfect reason to recycle some of the packaging!!

If you decide to make some time to join us upload your art in the flickr group. Also, why not join the scraplift challenge and lift one of Emilie's layout found here. Just link up your layouts to that post and get a chance to win a RAK!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Challenge 102

We are rocking out the layouts with these challenges. Our new Design Team is doing a fabulous job! Love seeing the stuff they put out weekly. :)

If you are playing along with us upload your layouts to the flickr group so the DT can help narrow it down and you can vote on the next winner to win a RAK right here on the blog's sidebar. Also there is a scraplift challenge going on with Emilie's work. Just follow this link for all the details.

And up next... the DT's work As you can tell this week was another sketch design. :)








Vanessa edited: Emilie emailed her page to me today so sorry for the late addition. I have had trouble getting my laptop to go online at the hotel we were staying in...I think this page rocks! Love that li'l red-head!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Challenge 101

This is the first week for our new Design Team! YAY!! We'll be showing you work from me (Vanessa) and Tania, as always and our new designers, Christi, Kirsten, Carol & Zoe. Also, we've got Emilie joining us for December, it's a crazy month!We're also modifying the challenges a little too...we'll be bringing you sketches still, don't worry! But on alternating weeks, we'll be using other design prompts that are wide open to interpretation. That means you have carte blanche when it comes to creating your pages. We still want you to upload your pages to our Flickr Group so we (the collective design team) can choose 3 finalists to be voted as the winner on the poll on the sidebar.
So I bet you'd like to know what this week's challenge is...

That's it. That's all you have to do. Rock it out (like I know you can!) and share it with us in Flickr. Can't wait to see how y'all work your creative magic

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Getting to know Zoe Nemburt

Here's Zoe and all you wanted to know about her, more talent ready to inspire you! :)

Also, before we carry on, don't forget about the scraplift challenges that are taking place right here! First the extended scraplift challenge with Jenny (remember that no one lifted Jenny, I believe it's extended until the 12th of Dec., so hurry and lift her stuff for a chance to win a sweet RAK), and the new scraplift challenge with Emilie! Post your scraplifts with a link to the post that applies (Jenny or Emilie).

Name: Zoe Nemburt

Q:Tell us a bit about you and your family.

A: I am 27 years old I have been married for ‘almost’ 7 years to my wonderful husband Ergin, we have 3 beautiful children Yasmin, Aydin & Ceyda.

Q: How long have you been scrapbooking and where did you get your start in this craft?

A: I have always loved crafts and loved making cards, I started to dabble in scrapbooking after I had my first child Yasmin but I never got really into it until I moved from England to Canada then the obsession grew and grew and I still become even more obsessed as every day passes.

Q:What inspires your creativity when you are scrapbooking?

A: There is nothing like having that perfect freshly printed photo in my hands and new scrappy supplies to get me inspired if all else fails!!! I love looking at my favourite challenge blogs for some inspiration.

Q:Describe your creative style

A: I could never pin point it exactly as I like to mix up style up every now and then may shabby chic!!

Q:What are your three favorite products/techniques right now?

A: Well I LOVE my edge distresser I couldn’t live without it now, I have a huge stack of chipboard I love using chipboard whether I paint it or leave it raw I just Love it!! I also love stitching I very rarely create a layout with no stitching on it...YUM

Q:What project(s) are you currently working on?

A: I am finishing off some Christmas presents right now, paper bag albums, wall hangings, making lots of cards and trying to get some of those old photo’s scrapped too ;-)

Q:Describe your perfect day

A: My perfect day would be a day trip to the beach with the family we found a beautiful beach on the bay of fundy and whenever we go we are the only ones there!!! I have taken my very best pictures there, and yes I get very grumpy if I forget my camera!!! lol

Q:What are your three favorite layouts of all time that you’ve created (published or not)?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Meet Emilie!

Okie Dokie, it's time to bring you another guest designer! This month we've got Emilie Ahern joining us (you've probably seen her lovely smile - or gorgeous layouts- within the pages of some of your favorite scrap mags!) We're thrilled to bits to have her with us this month and can't wait to share her work with ya...

Oh ya, one more thing, big bummer...nobody lifted Jenny's pages!! Let's give y'all another 2 weeks to do that. Please link your pages to the original post which is found here and we'll take a look at who made what and we'll send out the goodies to the lucky winner! How's that sound?!?! Thanks for joining us in November, Jenny, your pages were total eye candy!

Then, when you're done lifting those pages, you can move on to some of Emilie's gorgous pages. Be sure to link your lifts to the comments section of this post so we know exactly where to find them and the winner will be announced when we introduce you to January's guest designer!

And now, here's Emilie...

Q:Tell us a bit about you and your family.

A: I a wifey of Matt and a Mommy to two little red-headed girls, whom we call “Chicken” and “Fifi”. We recently moved from Utah to Delaware and I am loving the East Coast. I never want to leave. I have an unhealthy addiction to... Project Runway, my camera, creme brulee, the color orange, blogging, simple carbohydrates and cool Indie music. I know every single word to every single song on the ABBA Gold album.
It's a crowning achievement of my life and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Q: How long have you been scrapbooking and where did you get your start in this craft?

A: I have been scrapping since 1997 when I fashioned a pathetic little photo album of a trip to Victoria, BC using a gluestick and construction paper. I started tinkering with it then, but really became an addict in 2000.

Q:What inspires your creativity when you are scrapbooking?

A: Other scrapbookers. I see a title here, a photo angle there, a topic or a color scheme which inspires me and start from there. I also have to have some great Indie music on. My blog’s playlist most often plays while I am scrapping away. I never try to “catch up” on scrapbooking. Who could?! LOL! I choose the photo, subject or story which is inspiring me right at the moment and scrap it. If you do that, your enthusiasm and passion will translate onto the page.

Q:Describe your creative style

A: BOLD! Creativity seems to go in phases...right now I am all about mixing bold colors and patterns which enhance my photos. I am usually fairly streamlined and simple scrapper with a twist. I always try to add something unexpected. An added circular element or whimsical embellishment to unstraighten the straight lines.

Q:What are your three favorite products/techniques right now?

A: (1) I just got the new Bo Bunny retractable craft knife and mat. Dude! I love that thing. I always lose caps and so the retractable part keeps it safe for my kids and c’’s pink! (2) American Crafts Puffy Thickers in Orange (my fave color) and their Flair....well, pretty much everything American Crafts does is I right?! (3) October Afternoon line called WeatherVane...deliciousness!

Q:What project(s) are you currently working on?

A: There’s always something! I just finished an assignment for Simple Scrapbooks’ Idea Book that was digi and it was so much fun. I have a highlighted technique in October’s CK which was heat embossing Ghost Letters. I am always submitting to calls and getting last minute assignments from magazines in a jam. I guess you could say I am the “go to girl” for working in a time pinch.

Q:Describe your perfect day

A: I have perfect days all of the time. If I were alone, my perfect day would be spent in a fine art museum, a little coffee house acoustic concert and some seriously good crème brulee. But if I am with my hubby and girls it would be a day on the shore or the fair and then some fatty food from a diner and some delicious ice cream for dessert.

Challenge 100

I can't believe we made it. We got all the way to one hundred challenges! Y'know, the challenges have morphed and shifted in how we execute them...we've taken inspo from non-scrap related art, we've scraplifted, we've used sketches and starting in December, we'll be using some other more subjective kinds of direction...but you gotta stick around to find out what that is.

Oh, you'll notice that I forgot to introduce you to our next Design Team member this week. Tania kindly pointed out my error and if you read the post below this one, you'll get to know Carol Yeo. Check her out, her pages are wonderful!

Here's this week's challenge! I loved working with this layout and created one of my most beloved pages ever. I used a photo of my BFF's daughter, Ana that I took ages ago and have been saving it for the perfect layout...I think this was the right time! Please join us in this week's challenge and upload your work to our Flickr Group. Remember to include the challenge number in your file name so we don't miss it when it comes time to pick a favorite!

Also, this is Gillian's and Jenny's last week with us. *sniff* I have loved having both these incredibly talented women share their art with us and I hope they both continue to visit! Thanks so much for your amazing contributions, guys. It's been great! - Oh, and don't forget to scraplift Jenny's pages and leave a link to your lift in the comments section of this post.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Getting to know Carol Yeo

Okay, so I forgot to post today (actually, I think I was planning to blog this yesterday) but my family and I are getting ready for a road trip on Sunday and...let's just say I'm experiencing a little brain related overload!

This week, you get to meet Carol Yeo. She's another one of our newest Design Team members and I know you'll love her work.
remember, we aren't conducting a scraplift challenge of Carol's work but you can still lift Jenny's pages if to go HERE

Q:Tell us a bit about you and your family.

A: I have been married 9 years to the most amazingly supportive husband, who has encouraged me throughout my scrapbooking journey and who has even financed a large part of it! We have 2 lovely children – our son, Christopher, is turning 7 in December, and our daughter, Natalie, just turned 3 on 12 November. Christopher has just completed Primary 1 (that’s the local equivalent of 1st grade) and Natalie starts preschool in January.

Q: How long have you been scrapbooking and where did you get your start in this craft?

A: I started scrapbooking in January 2007. My best friend had given me a scrapbook album for my birthday in April 2006, and I had admired it, but never thought of beginning to scrap until late December 2006, when I tendered my resignation from my full time job. Thereafter, I worked only 3 days a week, which gave me ample time to pursue this hobby which is now an integral part of me.

Q:What inspires your creativity when you are scrapbooking?

A: That’s a tough one. Many things actually inspire me. I could be listening to a song on the radio and the lyrics would spark off a title for a layout, and with my huge photo library, it’s easy to find a photo that fits. Alternatively, I might be looking through one of the scrapbook mags, and I’d see a LO that catches my eye either for its presentation or its theme, or just the message behind it, and then I’d do a scraplift of it. Other times, the photo itself has a story to be told, and that would be my starting point.

Q:Describe your creative style

A: I tend towards the shabby chic style. I love swirls, flowers, vintagey stuff, pearls, bling. That said, I also do like clean layouts, which I do from time to time, especially when scrapping a page about my son – that calls for clean lines!

Q:What are your three favorite products/techniques right now?

A: Right now, I’d say that I’m into distressing – either tearing paper, inking, or using crackle paint. I also love Glimmer Mist from My Tattered Angels, and Maya Mist cos I simply love shimmery sparkly stuff. My other favourite product would be the naked chipboard embellishments from Maya Road – they are so versatile, and can be painted, inked, sprayed, covered, or even left naked to suit you page’s needs.

Q:What project(s) are you currently working on?

A: I’m currently working on a page I’ve shelved repeatedly in the past. I call it my ‘crop backup’ page, so called because I’ve brought it to at least 2 or 3 crops already this year and I’ve never managed to finish it yet, preferring instead to work on other stuff (for some reason). So right now, when I’m inbetween major projects, I’m trying to finally get it finished.

Q:Describe your perfect day

A: My perfect day starts with a buffet international breakfast spread with the family. I am unashamedly a foodie! Thereafter, we head home for some lazing around, and I get lots of me time to do my crafts and read. The children come and scrap together with me and we have lots of mommy-kiddy bonding time. I then get to head out to the neighbourhood coffee place for a nice latte with my husband. Later in the evening, the whole family heads out for a seafood dinner and end up with waffles and ice cream.

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