Friday, November 30, 2007

Challenge 48

This week's challenge was such fun. I have to point out that Jessi has single-handedly started a photo-strip craze and just about everyone on the DT has been using them. I must admit, I have my own waiting to be scrapped but I didn't want to appear to be as much of a scraplifter as I am! LOL. For me, this was the perfect excuse to use an 8x12 print of Seth from earlier this year. Gotta love it!

Don't forget to scrap your own page from this sketch and upload it to our FLICKR GROUP for your chance to be chosen as the favorite for the month, which means you could win this month's kit! Wow, that sounds like it could be fun...well, whaddaya waitin' for?!?! Get scrapping!





So now that you've checked out everyone's pages for this month with our STELLAR kit, get a load of this...Tania (our resident scrappin-with-scraps scrapper) rocked out this mini book of her girls. Love that Tania, she's never one to let perfectly good scraps go to waste!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Nostalgia for the masses...

I was blog stalking this afternoon and stumbled upon this gem. Now, if you are a woman in that 30-something agegroup, this will have particular significance and I suspect you will likely get teary-eyed at the same parts I did and you might even throw your arms up and yell "YEAH!" at the same part I did. This is a link to a YouTube video of a couple's first dance at their wedding. This was just too darned good to NOT share it! Hope you like it as much as I did!

OOOH! Word up! *LIVE*

It's that time again at One Little Word! The gals at OLW have outdone themselves once again and the word of the week is a doozy. Today's word is "LIVE", which I think is a stellar choice. What a great word to inspire and motivate. I have to go to a meeting this morning but you can bet your boots that I'll be back here later workin' on my own "live" page. I want you to head on over to OLW and see what the gals have done with this word and get in on the freebies! Go on and check it out! Happy Scrappin

Saturday, November 24, 2007

motorcycle dude - challenge 47

This page wasn't included in yesterday's posting. This is Christine's page using elements from this months kit and a little print paper and flowers from last month's kit - notice how perfectly it all worked together! Great job, Christine!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Challenge 47 Power's out

Man, I love living out in the sticks but when there's a power outage, it kinda puts a kink into how the day usually goes! Our power was out from 4:00 - 6:00 this morning and with it being a school morning and Noah catches a bus at 7:30, you can imagine how my day started! So here we go, todays challenge which was created by Chris Greiser at Sketch me if you Can! looks like this...


Lovin' the canvas...this girl's on a roll - thinkin' outside the page.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Gone Baby Gone!

More signs of my total productivity. I felt compelled to try and scrap a few more OLW words from weeks past. This was my creation for the word "Gone". I thought it was perfect for marking my departure from my 20's and entering into my 30's. I saw a LO in Memory Makers this month and the nostalgia that was inspired by a layout using STRING ART blew my mind...I instantly knew I had to try it on a page - and soon! It took a while but it was well worth it. In case you want to try this yourself all I did was use my centering ruler and a stylus. The stylus I stuck in one of the holes marking the center of the circle. The pencil, I stuck into another hole and just dragged it around in a circle with the stylus keeping it all in place. Then I used my centering ruler and piercer to mark the holes at even intervals (when I made my way around the circle the last couple of holes weren't exact so I made sure the photo would cover them up) I used 2 strands of embroidery floss, Daisy D's paper & buttons, Heidi Swapp alpha rub-ons and American Crafts felt flowers. The journaling block is a 7Gypsies self-inking stamp which I LOVE and the photo corners are also Heidi Swapp.

See that flourish shape? Wanna know how I did THAT one?? I flipped my photo over and used the matrix from a chipboard flourish. The matrix is the chipboard bit left over after you've used up the shape. I set it on top of the back of the photo (both of which were on top of a thin sheet of foam from one of my CTMH stamp sets) and I traced the shape with my stylus using the fattest ball so as to avoid poking through the photo. After tracing the whole shape, I flipped it over and sanded very gently over the raised lines. Super stoked with the end result. If you have a cuttlebug, you can do it that way too! Now go know you wanna try it!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Challenge 46

It is such a treat for me to be able to participate again with the weekly sketches! I love how productive I feel and the sketches really streamline the decision-making process for me. I see my sketch, set out photos and work from there to find papers that work for the images. So simple - gotta love simple, right?!?!

So once again, we're using a sketch by Chris Greiser at Sketch me if you Can
One of the things I love about this pages is that it lends itself so well to using just one photo, which is my favorite way to scrap (no wonder my 2007 album is so friggin' huge!) I love the balance in this layout. Here's what the gals did with it this time...

Jessi was feeling super ambitious and turned this week's sketch into an entire mini book...check it out! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Word Up! *FULL*

Well guys, can you believe OLW's word is up again?!? The word this time is "FULL". The pages on their blog are unbelievable and sure to inspire you to dig out a photo or two to scrap for this great word. Here's my page for "FULL"
and if you remember, yesterday I said that I'd be scrapping a page for World Kindness Day. I made it late last night so here's what I created in honor of World Kindness Day.

Now, if you remember from a while back, I told you about my newest book purchase, "That's Life - finding scrapbook inspiration in the everyday" by Nic Howard (Go here to read her rockstar blog!) The following page was created using one of the prompts from the book about documenting the everyday stuff in an effort to fill in a few blanks about me as a quirky individual. This page served as a bit of a scrapbooking warm-up after such a lengthy separation from my supplies. I'm sure I lost a bit of my mojo in that three months, but it seems to be making a comeback! YAY!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The moment you've all been waiting for!

Alright, after much suspense and anticipation, I've finally taken a moment to post a few pics for you of the new studio. Now, most of the images were taken after I moved into it so it's full of stuff but there are a few pics stashed aside of the naked walls before the boxes arrived...check it out!So the photo above shows my work station including my computer and my scrapping table. I put a small book case on top of the table against the wall giving me loads of vertical storage - not to mention my massive tower of Rubbermaid drawers!! And yes, that's all purple walls you see but you have to understand how happy purple makes me...obviously pretty dang happy judging by those walls!!

The photos above show my retail portion of the studio. It looked like way more stuff before I had so much wall space, but now it looks a little sparse...but that should be changing soon. I can't wait to bring in new goodies for the scrappers of Whitehorse!
This photo is mostly my own stash. The albums at the top left are my personal ones (they're so huge, it's kinda silly. I think my 2007 album will have to be in volumes!) The shelf below that holds all the cardstock for now (until I have a better, more visible system) and the shelf on the bottom is all my books (which I plan to use as a lending library, that way I can expand the collection and feel a little less guilty! LOL) the shelf beside that holds a few black boxes for storing private clients' photos for custom album projects and the shelf below that is where I keep my ever-growing magazine collection. The bottom shelf holds mostly my CTMH papers and other miscellaneous papers. The rack in the corner is mostly for my stamps & ribbons. The image below is a close-up of my wallpaper on the feature wall (the one I face when I'm scrappin') I've been dying to use this Debbie Travis (from Canadian Tire) paintable wallpaper. I LOVE IT!!!
One more quick thing. Today is World Kindness Day and I plan to scrap a page of my boys actually being kind to one another (a rarity sometimes) so I think everyone in the blogosphere to rise to the challenge and create your own Kindness page. Upload your link here and we'll check it out!

Happy Tuesday, all!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Challenge 45 - Getting Settled

Here it is...the moment you've all been waiting for...this week's sketch is here and boy, it's a great one. I have to say, it felt so weird for me to actually scrap a page and post it online. I noticed as i was attempting to interpret this week's sketch that I have become a little rusty from lack of use of my scrap-skills. However, it was an important page as it definitely marked a turning point. I am HOME and I am ready to rock!! I'll try and post a few studio pics at some point in the next little while (I know you are all curious to see how it turned out).

I was so thrilled to see this week's pages from our Team, everyone seemed to really challenge themselves and push their comfort zones a little. The end results are definitely very impressive. Each page is so unique to the artist which is such an amazing thing since they were all given the same supplies (they add some of their own stuff too) and each kit yields some dynamite results.

Be sure to participate in this month's challenges and upload your pages to our Flickr gallery so you can be in the running to receive this month's page kit!


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