Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial - Covered Buttons & Lace Flowers

Today's project is brought to you by Gudrun Loennecken
Buttons in new coat:

1. for this little project you’ll need some buttons in different sizes (not to small). If you have some buttons you are tired of, or someone with an odd color they are perfect for this matter. You also need some strong liquid glue and scraps of paper. Bookpages, sheets of music, newspaper and notepaper are great.
2. Choose a piece of paper you want to use to dress up your button. Cut the piece of paper so it’ll cover the front and back of the button you want to dress up. Add glue to the button and stick it in the middle of the paper.

3. Fold all the edges so the button is wrapped in paper. It’s ok to add some glue while you keep on wrapping. Stick all the loose edges down.
4. Now you have a beautiful button in new coat – perfect for your papercraft-project.


1. For this cute little lace-flower you’ll need about 15 cm ( 6 inch ) of a lace. My lace is not too thin - 3 cm ( 1 ¼ inch ) is ok, otherwise your flower will be really small. You also need a needle and a thread.
2. Sew along the top edge of your lace. It is not necessary to do small beautiful stitches, because they’ll never show. Just tack the thread along the edge.

3. When you have stitched all along the laces edge, you can make a flower-shape of your lace, and tie a knot with the tread in the middle of the lace-flower.
4. To embellish your beautiful flower you can for example use your newly dressed-up buttons and place it in the middle of the flower. This little flower is great for vintage-projects, and is a fun easy way to make your own embellishments.


Jocelyn said...

Fabulous tutorial...thank you!!! Can't wait to try this!!!

Tania said...

I've done this with ribbon but never thought to use lace, excellent idea Gudrun! Love it :)

Michelle said...

So stinkin cute!

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