Sunday, December 21, 2008

update (and excuses)

Okay, I'm way behind on things
I'm finally back from a road trip that was way too long
Everyone in my house is sick
There's mountains of packages to ship
I am behind on posting some really important stuff
I'm not even done Xmas shopping *sigh*

Funny how in December everything seems to be bigger and badder than in any other month. I have a mammoth cold and so does Ray. We never get sick at the same time. I got home on Friday night and on the last leg of the trip, I got to thinking about all the stuff I hadn't been able to work on while I was away. I got sick and tired of fighting with hotel wireless (or lack thereof) to even dream of staying caught up.

So if you are waiting for a parcel from me, it'll get to you after the holidays. If I tried to ship it while this sick, I'm sure your package would wind up in Cuba or something...actually Cuba sounds like a great place to be given that it's -40 or so here but I digress...I promise I'll get the November Favorite Flickr pages posted and the poll up as soon as I can so we can celebrate our monthly favorites and then we'll be ready for another round of faves in January.

Update on Emilie, she's sicker than sick with "the Mother of all colds" as she told me in her last email. Not to mention that she's been having allergic reactions to most cold meds so needless to say, the hives accompanying her nasty cold aren't exactly conducive to scrapping. Poor girl. Go over to her blog and give her some love to help her with her holiday spirit...if anyone is near to her location, perhaps you could lend her a hand so she could get her tree up!

I want to send out an industrial sized Thank You to my trusty pal and co-blogger, Tania. Dude, you are an effin' kept the blog cookin' along while I was gone and it was as smooth as a baby's bottom! Nicely done, flawlessly executed. Giant sigh of relief for me. Good help is hard to find and Tania, you are as good as they come!! THANK YOU !!!

Okay, I'm off to try and catch up on the teetering mountains of mail, return emails, round up parcels for mailing (after the holidays...those lines scare me!) scratch a few items off the to-do list and maybe even have a shower. I know I'm aiming high...maybe I'll actually get it all done.

PS. Tomorrow's our 2nd Blogoversary! Check back for the fun :)

1 comment:

Patricia said...

Aww I hope you feel better soon girl!
Hmmm Cuba...after all this Holiday madness we should ALL go to a Spa/Scrapbook retreat in Cuba! LOL

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