Friday, July 17, 2009

Challenge 133

I was awake last night around 1:00am to let the puppy outside to pee and it occurred to me that I hadn't set up todays post. Oops. It also occurred to me that during the craziness of farming and 3 weeks of house guests, I'd also forgotten to make this week's layout. So, in keeping with last week's disorganization, I present to you a very tardy post! Oh well...that's life :)

This week, our challenge was to use a blurry/crappy photo. I chose to use an old snapshot of my oldest son from many moons ago, long before I owned a "real" camera - made evident by the blurry photo and cluttered background...but I love it because every time he yawned as an infant, my heart melted. I had forgotten how it made me feel until I found this photo.

This challenge is really useful in reminding us that important moments aren't always captured in a perfectly composed, skillfully exposed image. Sometimes, the memory comes right back like it was happening at this very moment despite the bad photo. They are still worth scrapping. Easy to forget, good to remember.

If you are new to our challenges, go HERE to learn the ins & outs of how it all works.

If you haven't yet participated in the monthly Guest Designer Scraplift contest, check out the details HERE.

And in the meantime, let's see what everyone created this week.

{layout temporarily removed for publication}


Marit said...

Great lay outs ladies! Tania D. - yours made me smile!!!

Gretchen said...

oooh awesome layouts girls!!

Danielle said...

Really great work!!! I wish my photos were "that bad". Every LO looks great!!! My pictures always look like those. I need to take some photography lessons.

Used forklifts said...

Yeah! Well that’s definitely a challenge, to scrapbook the old photos to bring back wonderful memories. Thanks for reminding me this.

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The guest designers are very creative. The layouts has very unique designs.

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