Saturday, February 24, 2007

In mourning...(Challenge 9)

What a sad day it was yesterday. My computer died. I got a nasty virus and it won't turn on and I feel like I've had my left arm cut off! You forget how important you computer can be to you when you can't use it. I think I can salvage the files, I just have to get booted up first. So, despite some minor limitations ( like having to steal my husband's laptop just to make this post) I am going to try and compose your challenge. Because I have no image files (or any other files for that matter) stored on my darling husband's machine, you will have the total freedom of creativity with your physical page layout. This week, let's try something with extra focus on our journaling. For our challenge, we will attempt to love some hand drawn titles and/or journaling. Maybe stick to just one photo for added emphasis on the image and the journaling, so we don't overwhelm the page. Go buckwild with your embellishments, just interpret the page based on your photo. This seems rather wide open, I know, but that's totally on purpose. Really, it's just because I have no image files to draw from and this seemed like a fun and easy way to get this week's challenge issued!! So, that being said, go on now and get scrappin'

And while you're at it, sit down at your computer and back up every single file you care about and store it somewhere safe! Trust me, some of that stuff you can't ever get back again and some of it that can be re-made, you just don't wanna have to remake it!

I'll post my layout as soon as the software is installed for the laptop to read my flash drive for the camera and I have to install Photoshop Elements too...gosh, it's going to be a busy weekend.


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