Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The moment you've all been waiting for!

Alright, after much suspense and anticipation, I've finally taken a moment to post a few pics for you of the new studio. Now, most of the images were taken after I moved into it so it's full of stuff but there are a few pics stashed aside of the naked walls before the boxes arrived...check it out!So the photo above shows my work station including my computer and my scrapping table. I put a small book case on top of the table against the wall giving me loads of vertical storage - not to mention my massive tower of Rubbermaid drawers!! And yes, that's all purple walls you see but you have to understand how happy purple makes me...obviously pretty dang happy judging by those walls!!

The photos above show my retail portion of the studio. It looked like way more stuff before I had so much wall space, but now it looks a little sparse...but that should be changing soon. I can't wait to bring in new goodies for the scrappers of Whitehorse!
This photo is mostly my own stash. The albums at the top left are my personal ones (they're so huge, it's kinda silly. I think my 2007 album will have to be in volumes!) The shelf below that holds all the cardstock for now (until I have a better, more visible system) and the shelf on the bottom is all my books (which I plan to use as a lending library, that way I can expand the collection and feel a little less guilty! LOL) the shelf beside that holds a few black boxes for storing private clients' photos for custom album projects and the shelf below that is where I keep my ever-growing magazine collection. The bottom shelf holds mostly my CTMH papers and other miscellaneous papers. The rack in the corner is mostly for my stamps & ribbons. The image below is a close-up of my wallpaper on the feature wall (the one I face when I'm scrappin') I've been dying to use this Debbie Travis (from Canadian Tire) paintable wallpaper. I LOVE IT!!!
One more quick thing. Today is World Kindness Day and I plan to scrap a page of my boys actually being kind to one another (a rarity sometimes) so I think everyone in the blogosphere to rise to the challenge and create your own Kindness page. Upload your link here and we'll check it out!

Happy Tuesday, all!


jessi said...

O Vanessa!!! it's fabulous!!! that paintable wall paper is beautiful!!! and the purple is pretty!!!

have fun creating that kindness page!!! can't wait to see it!!!

Allison said...

You know how I just sent you a message on Facebook asking when you'll be posting studio pictures? Yeah. Disregard. :)

It looks GREAT!

Karen said...

oh my.. it is so super stylish, just like you! Wowzee

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