Friday, November 2, 2007

Challenge 44 - On the Road

Here's the sketch for this week. I think it is such a great and simple use of lines (and only 2 photos) Check out what the girls did with their pages this time...



And if you're's the latest on our road trip/move to Whitehorse...
We left Courtenay on Wednesday in the early morning hours and enjoyed a very mellow ferry ride with very few passengers. The weather mostly cooperated on the water so we were able to head outside and grab a few west-coast photos (our last chance for a while). It was a little windy.

And while we were outside trying to take photos, I ran into a few photo ops that weren't working out with my new-to-me lenses so I had to make an emergency tech-support call to my pal Karen (notice my slightly wind-blown hair)

Then once we were making our way up through Vancouver we aimed to reach Quesnel. By the time we'd been driving for about 12 hours, we thought that since the bird had to hold on for dear life to his little perch the ENTIRE time that he'd probably like to sleep. So we got a hotel - pretty much for the bird. We liked it too but we would have kept going through the night were it not for the bird.
After that, we decided that maybe Bogey (the bird) would like to travel outside his cage, sitting on Ray's shoulder instead...

Well, since we landed in Grande Prairie last night, I've been hatching a plan to hit a scrap shop before we go further North so I better get going. I'll post more later....

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jessi said...

O dude!!! I so miss the west coast!!! i haven't been home in about 9 years!!! every summer we try and plan a trip and something always comes up...and when we get around to travelling...we end up going no further than kamloops!!! :(

I am bound and determined to make it there this summer to show my kids where their mama grew up!! miss the ocean!!!

okay anyway...everyone's stuff looks great!!! fun and playful kit to work with!!

enjoy the rest of your trip and have fun at the scrap store...i hear tell that it is awesome!!!!


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