Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Word Up! *FULL*

Well guys, can you believe OLW's word is up again?!? The word this time is "FULL". The pages on their blog are unbelievable and sure to inspire you to dig out a photo or two to scrap for this great word. Here's my page for "FULL"
and if you remember, yesterday I said that I'd be scrapping a page for World Kindness Day. I made it late last night so here's what I created in honor of World Kindness Day.

Now, if you remember from a while back, I told you about my newest book purchase, "That's Life - finding scrapbook inspiration in the everyday" by Nic Howard (Go here to read her rockstar blog!) The following page was created using one of the prompts from the book about documenting the everyday stuff in an effort to fill in a few blanks about me as a quirky individual. This page served as a bit of a scrapbooking warm-up after such a lengthy separation from my supplies. I'm sure I lost a bit of my mojo in that three months, but it seems to be making a comeback! YAY!!!


Allison said...

LOVE that picture of your boys. Oh, how I pray moments of kindness are in the future for mine...

And I do the same thing with my coffee... but with a good 1/3 cup. I do it with beer too. I'm just too slow. I started drinking coffee out of an insulated go-mug so that it stays warm longer. Something to consider. :)

Tania said...

Awesome! :) Love all the buttons on the first one, love the quote on the second one, ( I have to remember it ) and although I don't drink coffee, when I have tea once in a while, I do the same thing, lol.

Jen said...

Great pages Vanessa!! I was going to work on my Christmas Cards at out weekly crop tonight - but I think I may just have to scrapbook instead! Thanks for the inspiration :-)

Oh - and my bad habit is leaving half finished glasses of water all over the house. I'm not sure why the bottom half of the glass is not as good - but it's just not.

The Crawfords said...

love that your back in your groove again. Totally cool pages. I want a copy of the pic of you at the Filberg. I have no good ones of you and that one is very "peaceful".

Lovin all the posts and give the boys a hug for me.



Vanessa said...

One of Karen's students took that picture so it was my only copy, sorry! but you should see the page I'm working on right now - entirely for the fun of it (and to get more caught up). Glad you guys are enjoying the pages. It feels soooooooo good to be back in the groove!

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