Friday, November 28, 2008

Meet Emilie!

Okie Dokie, it's time to bring you another guest designer! This month we've got Emilie Ahern joining us (you've probably seen her lovely smile - or gorgeous layouts- within the pages of some of your favorite scrap mags!) We're thrilled to bits to have her with us this month and can't wait to share her work with ya...

Oh ya, one more thing, big bummer...nobody lifted Jenny's pages!! Let's give y'all another 2 weeks to do that. Please link your pages to the original post which is found here and we'll take a look at who made what and we'll send out the goodies to the lucky winner! How's that sound?!?! Thanks for joining us in November, Jenny, your pages were total eye candy!

Then, when you're done lifting those pages, you can move on to some of Emilie's gorgous pages. Be sure to link your lifts to the comments section of this post so we know exactly where to find them and the winner will be announced when we introduce you to January's guest designer!

And now, here's Emilie...

Q:Tell us a bit about you and your family.

A: I a wifey of Matt and a Mommy to two little red-headed girls, whom we call “Chicken” and “Fifi”. We recently moved from Utah to Delaware and I am loving the East Coast. I never want to leave. I have an unhealthy addiction to... Project Runway, my camera, creme brulee, the color orange, blogging, simple carbohydrates and cool Indie music. I know every single word to every single song on the ABBA Gold album.
It's a crowning achievement of my life and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Q: How long have you been scrapbooking and where did you get your start in this craft?

A: I have been scrapping since 1997 when I fashioned a pathetic little photo album of a trip to Victoria, BC using a gluestick and construction paper. I started tinkering with it then, but really became an addict in 2000.

Q:What inspires your creativity when you are scrapbooking?

A: Other scrapbookers. I see a title here, a photo angle there, a topic or a color scheme which inspires me and start from there. I also have to have some great Indie music on. My blog’s playlist most often plays while I am scrapping away. I never try to “catch up” on scrapbooking. Who could?! LOL! I choose the photo, subject or story which is inspiring me right at the moment and scrap it. If you do that, your enthusiasm and passion will translate onto the page.

Q:Describe your creative style

A: BOLD! Creativity seems to go in phases...right now I am all about mixing bold colors and patterns which enhance my photos. I am usually fairly streamlined and simple scrapper with a twist. I always try to add something unexpected. An added circular element or whimsical embellishment to unstraighten the straight lines.

Q:What are your three favorite products/techniques right now?

A: (1) I just got the new Bo Bunny retractable craft knife and mat. Dude! I love that thing. I always lose caps and so the retractable part keeps it safe for my kids and c’’s pink! (2) American Crafts Puffy Thickers in Orange (my fave color) and their Flair....well, pretty much everything American Crafts does is I right?! (3) October Afternoon line called WeatherVane...deliciousness!

Q:What project(s) are you currently working on?

A: There’s always something! I just finished an assignment for Simple Scrapbooks’ Idea Book that was digi and it was so much fun. I have a highlighted technique in October’s CK which was heat embossing Ghost Letters. I am always submitting to calls and getting last minute assignments from magazines in a jam. I guess you could say I am the “go to girl” for working in a time pinch.

Q:Describe your perfect day

A: I have perfect days all of the time. If I were alone, my perfect day would be spent in a fine art museum, a little coffee house acoustic concert and some seriously good crème brulee. But if I am with my hubby and girls it would be a day on the shore or the fair and then some fatty food from a diner and some delicious ice cream for dessert.


Tania said...

Love your stuff Emilie :)

Calia Yang said...

emilie - i love the photos you have and your layouts are just uberness!! definitely love them! here's my take on one of your layouts. I enjoyed doing this scraplift! ^_^

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