Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ever get the feeling...

that you've totally forgot something? Like when you're driving to work in the morning and you ask yourself if you remembered to turn off the oven or lock the door? Well, this morning I had that nagging feeling that there was a contest that I TOTALLY forgot to announce winners for!!! ACK!

So, ages ago on our Blogoversary, there was a fun challenge for everyone to enter a layout made from any challenge we've ever used and to upload it in the comments section of this post. Only two entries were received because it was pretty darned close to the holidays which is a good way tfor it to get overlooked! So I've decided to award the prize to both players!!! So our Tania (who I love to bits, I'll admit it!) did a great one of her little guy, Mikhail which you can see in her post here and this layout contributed by Michelle. Gorgeous pages guys! So I have Tania's mailing info but Michelle, I need yours so I can get your goodies off to ya! Email me at and your stuff should be on its way by Monday.

And I gotta say , the comments in our Word of the Year pendant contest are very's gonna be hard to pick just one winner! If you haven't contributed your word yet, you have a few more days! Don't miss out!

1 comment:

Tania said...

Yay! Thanks so much Vanessa, love ya too.

Michelle, love your layout as well :)

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