Friday, September 11, 2009

Challenge 141

edited: My email ate Norma's layout but she graciously sent it again...see it below!

Dude, how do these Fridays get here so effin' fast?! I gotta tell ya, I've been LOVING back-to-school. Having BOTH the boy-o's in school full time all week long is such a gift! I have big exciting plans in the works to help me fill the time, just hold on and wait for the announcements as everything unfolds!

As for this scrapbookin' stuff, well, it's a great as ever and I'm happy to have more time & mojo to devote to this lovely passtime (okay, obsession! LOL). We accidentally did a re-run of a previous challenge from July (oops!) but being as amazing as always, the DT rocked it (was there ever any doubt!)

We'll be announcing the finalists for August's challenges posted to the Flickr group on Monday so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, make sure to check out THIS post where we first met Norma and where you can find some inspo for your next pages...who knows, you could end up winning free scrap stuff if you show us your work. Read more about how to do that HERE.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to join our Network - that is if you haven't already done it!- There's a wicked gallery of everyone's work and you can get to know some incredible scrappers from all over the globe. Wow.

Don't forget to join our FB Page too!!!

Alright, no more waiting...this week's challenge ::

handcut the pattern from printed scrapbooking paper and use as embellishments.


Petra Coolen said...

Just made an account on Flickr.
Hope I did it right.
It´s for challenge140.

Marit said...

Wow, ladies! We've done it before *giggle* and we did it again - same challenge, awesome new layouts! Love all your works!!!

Keely Yowler said...

Fabulous layouts, gals! Love this challenge.

Brainybairn said...

My take

Details on my blog


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