Sunday, January 17, 2010

Time to choose your favorite!

You know, I love all of you. You amazing artists who willingly share your often very personal layouts in our Flickr Group. Your passion & skill amaze me and your dedication to preserving your families' memories is heartwarming. I just thought I'd tell you all how fab I think you all are.

In the month of December, things are usually pretty dang quiet in the flickr group. We totally understand that you have families to spend time with and most importantly, to make memories with. Yay for memories :) There were, however, a few bad-ass hardcore scrappers who managed to upload their layouts to the Flickr Group for December's challenges. We decided that these three would make for a great race in choosing our favorite layout from the last month of 2009!! Please remember that you are encouraged to share this post info with everyone! We want you tellin' your Auntie in California and your Granny in New York (and everyone in between!). Anyone can cast a vote and you will have 2 weeks to scrounge up all the votes you can!

The poll can be located at the top right hand side of the blog. You have until 12pm PST on Jan 31 to cast your votes!!

Here they are in no particular order.

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