Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial (on a Thursday?!) - Stamp Kissing

So yeah, we're doing this week's Tuesday Tutorial on a Thursday. It's a super awesome, simple technique that's easy to do and if you have a favorite patterned stamp and a great broad, solid stamp, you're halfway there!!

To rock this technique gather up the following::
-patterned stamps (the busier, the better)
-broad stamp with wide space to transfer the patterned stamp onto
-exacto blade & craft mat

I decided to give my under-used woodgrain stamp & some forgotten alpha stamps a little play for this demo. I made sure I had a light colored cardstock on hand & rich teal colored ink. Start by turning over your patterned stamp and ink it with the rubber face-up. Doing it this way rather than pressing the stamp into the ink allows you to see which spots need more ink without fussing with handling an inked stamp.

With your ink in one hand and stamp laying rubber side up, ink up the rubber surface. Set the ink aside. Work fairly quickly so the ink doesn't dry on you!

Grab your broad stamp (in this instance, I am using my alpha stamp). Carefully press straight down onto the inked surface of the patterned stamp, taking care to not let the alpha stamp slide. Lift the stamp up and stamp onto your paper. With your craft knife, begin trimming around the letters, starting with the holes in the centers of each letter. It's easier to do this now rather than when the outside edges are already cut (you risk ripping the letters otherwise) Once they're cut out, just use them just like you would any other alpha!

Ta Daa!


jennifer said...

wow, cool, love it, gotta try it! Can never have enough different ways to do alphas!

Kristi B. said...

I've heard alot about stamp kissing, but this post actually makes me want to do it! lol
What a great way to expand the use of your alpha stamps. :)

Carol said...

This is such a cool technique! I must get round to trying it out!

Tania said...

Need to try this one out as well, love it Vanessa :)

Jocelyn said... this!!!!! TFS!!!!

Eva said...

WOW! This is a great way to save money on alphas! Love it! Thanks for the tecnique!!!!!

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