Thursday, April 12, 2007

I love shopping days!

I am a little shell-shocked when I think about how tomorrow is Seth's 3rd birthday. It totally snuck up on me! Today, I took him to Toys R Us...I can barely describe to you how he handled THAT experience! It was so much fun showing him cool toys and stuffing them into the cart. We filled up the sandbox with sand today and after school, he and Noah had a great time digging and filling up sifters and buckets.

I just got my own birthday gift from Ray yesterday. It had to be ordered in, but it arrived in a most timely fashion. I got a 2.8 60mm micro lens and I LOVE it. I only tried it out once since unpacking it yesterday but I know it will be such a fine piece of equipment. And I thought I was having a hard time staying caught up on my scrapping before the cool lens arrived!

Stay tuned for new pages with photos of life's average stuff up close and personal!


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