Friday, May 16, 2008

Challenge 72

Are you ready?! This week's challenge will push the limits for sure! This image is entirely non-photo based and is bursting with creative mojo to inspire you and get your juices a-flowin'. I am a faithful blog-stalker of Kal Barteski and using this sketch gave me an opportunity to bust out a little Kal-style pencil crayon sketch & scribble! It has been a very long time since I played with non scrappy art stuff but let me tell you how liberating it was to unleash my pencil crayon-wielding self onto a scrap page!
This amazing piece was found on Modish and is created by artist Jennifer Judd-McGee. This piece is called The lives of a Cell. Go buy it, it's a super cool piece of art (and there's only 2 prints left!)

If you want to participate in this week's challenge, just create your page, photograph it and upload it to Flickr. Be sure to indicate which week's challenge your page is for and don't forget to add it to the Lotus Paperie photo pool (if it's not in the photo pool, we can't see it and therefore can't vote on it at the end of the month). All your pages for May's challenges need to be uploaded by the first friday of the next month (June, of course) and we'll vote on a favorite. That lucky winner will receive a free Couture Collection just for playin'. You can use any products/materials you wish for your submitted pages, not just the Couture Collection contents, although if you have them feel free to use those too!

On Wednesday evening this week (for Open Crop Night) at the studio, I managed to get caught up a little on a few new-ish and not-so-new pics and I felt so great getting them done. What a fantastic feeling. And let's face it, there's something to be said for scrappin' for fun and not just scrappin' for deadlines. WAY funner!!!

Oh, and can I tell you how beautiful this little one is! Her name is Brianna and her mama is my husband's best friend. She lives in Grande Prairie Alberta and get a load of her mama's amazing business, 911 Industrial Response...she provides emergency response teams to the oil patch and other industrial emergency care...I assure you, this woman has more good Karma than any one person could ever possibly use up in one lifetime!!! She's one of my most favorite people. She's one of those gals you just really REALLY like the moment you meet her. No wonder this little girl is so lovely...runs in the family!!
I hope you all have a fantastic long weekend...we will be doing farm equipment maintenance and yard clean-up (and yes, it is gonna be as fun as it sounds...maybe even FUNNER! - love that word!) If I'm really lucky, I'll bust out the camera some more and have a schwack of new photos to scrap....maybe.

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