Sunday, May 18, 2008

They're not gone, just relocated!

Okay, this is an official notice that the DT's who are NOT returning for the next session beginning in June are still part of the gang for the remainder of this month! There was some blog sidebar/links re-arranging that led to confusion for the DT's and perhaps for all you lovely readers...the retiring DT's links are at the top right of the page (minus one DT who will no longer be participating) so please visit them and dole out the LUB!

Sallie is having some technical blog issues that have screwed up her link list, header & comments section (c'mon Blogger tech-support guys!) so you'll just have to shout out the props to her here...cuz I know she reads every day (Sal, this is the part where I send out a little "MOO" just for a laugh!)

Danielle has done some serious overhaulin' on her looks so bright and fresh. I love it! And be sure to check out her killer slideshow. She's got all her recent work circulating round and, she's got a lot of pages done.

There are still 2 fridays left for these guys to rock out the challenges along with the rest of the gang, so be sure to check back on Friday to see our newest challenge and to celebrate these guys and all their hard work. They have all stuck with me on a very bumpy ride of learning the ropes of running a DT (not as easy as it looks, folks! LOL) and have offered fantastic feedback that has been indispensable in helping me master this crazy plan! They have offered me words of encouragement and even offered their ass-kicking services when manufacturers screw up my shipments (or when anything else goes awry!) I have been super lucky to have these guys with me building this effin crazy business. Thanks a million, blog readers, my DT, MOST of my man, what a ride!

So stay tuned, there's all kinds of tricks up my sleeve yet!

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