Monday, May 12, 2008

Hello Monday!

I love Mondays. I don't know about you but I think they are just great...bursting with opportunity and promise...and To-do lists! LOL I am in the process of learning Simply Accounting which I'm not exactly feeling all warm and fuzzy about...we're taking over Ray's parents' sod farm (which is why we moved to Whitehorse) so in addition to wrapping my head around this less than user-friendly product, I'm also trying to fully grasp all the details of the farming side of the biz. Oh, and then there's still this little issue of my business and my exciting new DT. PHEW!!! I'm getting worn out just thinking about it all! I was going to have a booth at the local farmers market this summer but I'm feeling a smidge overwhelmed so I opted out of the craft booth!

Today is all about administrative thrills like contracts & payroll (yawn) and finishing up a delightful custom Knitted Babe for a customer on Etsy. Meet Cerulean, the blue-eyed, hot-pink haired ballerina doll. OOOOH baby, she's a fine specimen of hand-knit perfection! LOL (no modesty for me, man!) I think she rocks! I'm putting the finishing touches on her amazing tutu and will be whipping up a few special surprise goodies to go with her cute self. I will be packaging and mailing all DT Couture Collections for June as well as all the Collections that have been ordered online (for all you gals who are patiently awaiting their arrival!!) If I'm really lucky I'll get out to the studio for a little digital sketch creation for the coming months and at the end of the day I think I might be wrung dry of all my creative mojo.

So, true to Monday's promise, let's get organized and let's GO!


Karen said...

hello Monday back at'ya!

Tania said...

Love the doll, do we get to see her tutu? I have a thing for tutus, lol

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