Friday, July 25, 2008

What do you mean it's Friday - Challenge 82

Good LORD, how on earth does Friday manage to come so friggin' quickly! But lo and behold, just like clockwork (although it does seem a little someone's been messin' with the calendar) Friday is here, whether I'm ready or not!But I'm sure I lost a day somewhere... And since tardiness is one of my top five pet peeves, this is not making me all warm and fuzzy about how my hectic day has decided to unfold...but I digress!

We have the privilege of using this fantastic piece of artwork created by Natasha Wescoat - an artist I found while "hearting" sellers all over Etsy...she's extremely talented and just as lovely to talk to! She graciously agreed to let us work with her painting, which I totally loved borrowing elements from...I think the rest of the team did too! Make sure you visit her Etsy Shop and snap up some of her gorgeous paintings & my eye on a few already! We want to see what you can create using this piece of art as your inspiration! Upload your work to our Flickr Group and make sure to mention which week your page is for so that you can have a shot at winning the July Couture Collection, Spirit of Summer.

(absolutely LOVE this pretty!)


I think I'm gonna dig up a mask & dust off my Glimmer mist so I can try this look!
Oh, one more thing, this is Susan's last contribution for the month so if you're feelin' the love, be sure to share it in the comments section!


Tania said...

Vanessa, love your layout! So cool. :) I had a day sneek up on me in June and didn't show up to an appointment I made, I felt awful about it. It happens though, don't worry bout it. :)

Susan, LOVE your art, it's gorgeous. Can't believe it's already the last one! Thanks for sharing you stuff.

Gillian said...

That glimmer mist mask on SUsan's layout is to die for!! In fact everyone's work this week was fabulous. I adore Ronda's canvas... wonder if she'll send it to me as a present ;) hehe

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