Monday, November 9, 2009

Hooray! We have a winner!!

Brainybairn! You're our winner!! WOOT!

The readership has chosen their winner from the finalists featured on the top right hand side of the blog and now that voting has closed and votes are tallied....we're done! Brainybairn, please email me at info at lotuspaperie dot com and I'll package up your winnings and get 'em into the post for you this week! Congrats :)

Thanks to everyone for participating. We'll do it again very soon (we've got October's faves to post next!) so see ya back here again for another round.


Jenneke said...

Congrats Brainybairn, LOVE your layout!!
And I want to thank all girls who voted for me!


Keely Yowler said...

Big Congrats, Brainybairn! All of the layouts were just fantastic!

Marit said...

HOORAY, Congrats Brainybairn!!! And thanks so much for playing along, all you girls!

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