Thursday, November 19, 2009

Time to choose a favorite!

Oh yes people! It's that time :) We had a really hard time choosing favorites for this one. By the way, when did you guys all get so awesome, anyway?

So here's the scoop :: Vote on your favorite in the poll on the sidebar. The winner will be announced in early December.

Wanna see the finalists for October's challenges? Here ya go!

So tell everyone to come over and cast a vote. You have till Nov 26 to make your selection.

A massive thank you to each of the wonderful artists whose submissions were in the pool. We appreciate all of your contributions and want to see more! Don't be discouraged if your layout isn't chosen. We try really hard to be fair :)

Good luck to the finalists.


Marit said...

Congratulations ladies! Now go and toot about it to collect some extra votes! Good luck to all you finalist!

Patricia said...

WOW found out yesterday bout my LO in the final 3.... txs!
And, the 3 others are so very beautifull! succes


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