Monday, October 22, 2007

Challenge 42 - How could I possibly forget?!?!

But somehow in all the chaos and craziness that is currently my life, I had completely forgotten to post on Friday. I am living in a state of upheaval, have no computer, and have been going totally bonkers trying to keep up with my social commitments throughout the past week. One of the best ones I have to tell you about. I was planning on going for dinner to a new restaurant in Comox (Avenue is the name) with my pals, Karen and Sue. Sue graciously was the chauffeur for the evening and when we arrived at the restaurant, I was rather concerned about the lack of parking and with the fullness of the restaurant. Sue assured me that an alternative plan was not necessary and that we wouldn't have to wait in line. Upon entering the restaurant, we told the hostess that we were meeting a friend and she tried to escort us toward a table loaded with people. I tried to correct her and said "oh, no we're only meeting one girlfriend". She (and Sue) continued to direct me toward that large group and it took me a few minutes to realize that I knew everyone there. That dang big group of people were there for me!! Karen managed to orchestrate a dinner with some of my favorite friends! It was a superb evening complete with gifts and of course dynamite food at a very post restaurant. lets get down to business...Here's this week's sketch

And this is what the girls did with their kits this week. I want to point out the versatility of scrapping with B&W photos. The next time you sit down to scrap, try using B&W photos and see if it doesn't open a few more creative doors than usual.


Tania said...

Hey Vanessa. I was invited to that party of yours and was sooo bummed I couldn't go, sounds like you had fun. :)

jessi said...

love good friends!!! glad you had a great time!!

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