Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Up to my Eyeballs...

in boxes and dusty old stuff. I can't even explain to you - unless you've recently moved yourself (Jessi)- how bitter I am about packing. I have accumulated WAY too much crap-ola over the past three years. It's amazing how you manage to maximize the storage capacity of any given space whether the 'stuff' in it is needed or not. I have been purging 'stuff' steadily over the last week and a half and while I feel very free from the burden of it, I'm a little bummed by how much needless stuff we've blown a staggering quantity of money on when we likely didn't need to do so. A lesson, perhaps but at least my chances of fitting all that 'stuff' into the trailer increases with every trip to the consignment shop!!

It was a little sad for me to be in my studio at the house we're moving out of knowing I had no time to scrap. I did (I must confess) spend one day when I first arrived in there creating. I made about six pages and had to force myself to stop and pack instead. I'm a little surprised to see how many boxes were really needed to pack up my studio. I hope I can organize my new studio in a way that contributes to efficiency and maximum creativity.

So, since I'm starting with a totally blank canvas as far as organizing goes, I want to know what some of your best organization tips are. I want to know how you store some of those hard-to-store items like chipboard pieces, ribbons, paper scraps...share your wisdom with me. Leave your ideas in the comments section so that we can all benefit from them!

I can't wait to learn what you guys do in your scrap spaces to make the most of your creative time.


Jen said...

Hi Vanessa,
I met you at a party hosted by Allison Klemen back in July - she just gave me teh scoop on your move to Whitehorse since I started reading your blog AFTER you moved I was a little confused! Loving the blog and the challenges though!
As for organizational ideas, I'm a fan of the disposable gladware for embellishments of all's cheap, see-through, stackable and easy to throw into a tote for scrappin' away from home. I sort by type (flowers, metal, buttons, etc)

The Crawfords said...

Hey V

I just bought a fishing tackel organizer box for my alphas. I a=hae sorted them by letter. This is working great for me, when I need a word i look for the letters, but I am not limited to one font, if i don't want to be. I think it has improved my layouts and allows me to "think outside the box" I also have these things that look like flattened bobbins that I put my ribbons on. I will look for the brand name of it for you, because I can't remember what it is called now. Anyhow, hope that helps a little.

Love ya

Christine said...

How to organize is the biggest challenge...I have a growing collection of baby food jars if you are interested in some. - Christine

Tania said...

I'm not much help in the organizing dept. right now, still not started renovating my studio. I have a collection of baby food jars too though. I was going to organize my blossoms by colour in them. :) I'm sure I'll find other things for them too.

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