Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Chilly Chilly Day

Today is dang cold! It's -1 and there's frost still on the ground because the sun can't penetrate the looming snow clouds in this morning's sky. EEK! We are finishing up the renovations on the studio - which I'll show you when it's finished- and man, does it ever look different! I decided to paint the walls two different shades of purple (it's a bit much without any furniture or accent colors in it yet) which is my most favorite color in the world. I recently learned that purple is the color of inspiration and spirituality. I think that's rather fitting!!

I was reading one of the Memory Makers Masters Blogs this morning and this is what I saw...

I think it's a wonderful, versatile way to display current pages and other decorative elements while making good use of wall space rather than precious counter space!! I will definitely be implementing this great space saver display method in the new studio and if any of you decide to try it out too, post a link to a photo here so we can all see what you did with yours!

And as you all know, I've been deprived of my usual creative outlet (scrapping) so I've made a dent in my summer reading list. My most recent read was Turtle Valley by Canadian author, Gail Anderson-Dargatz. She's one of my favorite authors because her settings are familiar and relevant to my life in Canada rather than being totally removed from my environment in some foreign country. When you visit her website, you can listen to her read excerpts from each of her books...such a cool feature. Her other, well known titles include A Recipe for Bees, A Cure for Death by Lightning and The Rhinestone Button. I love the way her writing draws you right into the lives of the characters and just when you think you're beginning to get acquainted with the characters, the story ends! I love that kind of book, don't you?!?! If you haven't read any of these titles, you might really want to consider it. They are lovely, quick and satisfying stories. I recommend them highly!!

I'll let you know if there's any snow today! Maybe I'll even come back later to post some teaser photos of the new studio!! Enjoy your Wednesday!


Tania said...

Love that corkboard idea for brads, better than the way mine are stored right now, I'll have to remember this for when I actually get my studio done, can't wait to see yours :)

jessi said...

hey Vanessa!!! I finally have computer back!!! yahoo!! i have never heard of that author...but will definitely look into reading some her books!!! I am always on the prowl for a good book!!!

did you get the snow??? Jay texted me today (friday the 5th) to tell that it snowed in Red Deer...haha!!! we moved to Innisfail just in time!!! LOL!!! I am sure it will make it's way here eventually!!

enjoy your friday!!! can't wait to see the sketch!! ciao chica!!

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