Sunday, October 28, 2007

Challenge 43 - How crazy life is...

This whole moving thing is so busy, crazy and chaotic. I have unloaded so much MORE 'stuff' since my last post. I have sold furniture, appliances and miscellaneous odds and sods. We have genuinely pared down our possessions to the best and favorite of everything we own. We came to realize that we own a shocking quantity of books and I can't even illustrate just how heavy that pile of boxes was - although I'm sure you can imagine! Ray and I will be heading out on Tuesday sometime for the journey homeward. I'm so incredibly excited to see British Columbia and its wildlife for what will be the first time EVER for me. I've flown over it all many times but you don't really see much more than snow-covered mountains at thirty thousand feet! There will definitely be photos coming of those sights. Now, lets get down to business... This weeks sketch is so great. It's simple but really fun. This sketch lends so very well to interactive elements or hidden journaling. Of course, remember that you can always drop an element, rotate the page or add as much as you like to your own page. This is a great foundation sketch



Check out how Danielle used her file folders to hold several 4x6's, creating an interactive element on her page. This is a fantastic way to use multiple 4x6 prints without cropping them or making more than one page if you don't want to! Way to go D!

I gotta apologize in advance because I have a funny feeling we might not have internet access wherever we may be on Friday...but if we do I promise to post!! Thanks for your amazing pages everyone and thanks for your patience while I move! ACK! Thank God it's almost over.


The Crawfords said...

whats all that stuff at the bottom of the post about who does what. Is there something I am suppossed to do? Anyhow, why don't we forward our layouts to someone else for next week and they can post them on your blog for you...
just a thought
Make sure you call before you go


Vanessa said...

the "labels" listed below the post are just keywords that search engines look for. They are listed in alphabetical order so that's why some names appear with other words in between. I'm the only moderator for this particular blog and no one else is authorized to make posts so I'll be the one posting- even if it is late :)

VanillaCarmel said...

Did this is over at 2peas at the following link, and I will be putting it on my blog too..


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