Sunday, June 22, 2008

just for fun

I decided to hide out in my studio yesterday afternoon and this is what I did...

Noah and another one of his rock collections

Seth has an undying fascination with puddles (like he's the only boy with this affliction!)

Baby Sethy...didn't take much to knock him out...a bit o' the boob, a burp and la-tee-da, sleep, just like that!

Baby Noah, such a funny little guy, everyone thought he was a girl when he wore this outfit. He never wore it outside the house. BOOO to gender stereotypes!

I haven't worked on my art journal for a while but this is one of few pages that I'll publicly share.

Seth's 3rd birthday in Courtenay. The wheels were a gift from Auntie Shannon. Now they belong to Mikhail.

This was from a few weeks ago when Ray, Seth & I went for sushi. Gotta love watching a 4 year old try to master chopsticks!

and lastly, my favorite page of all of them. This page captures such an important part of who I am. If you know me at all, you know me to be an articulate & outspoken person with a keen sense of ha-ha! This page pretty much says it all...
Hope your weekend was as good as mine and that it continues to be!


Jen said...

Vanessa, I love all of these layouts! I have a son that has quite the rock collection. Great idea to scrap that. "'re out" is so cute. It's amazing what that bit o' boob will do. ;)

Allie said...

Wow! Looks like you were quite productive! Great great stuff. I really love the Chopsticks LO - I know how he feels. :) And I really like the embellis on the rock collection LO. Too cool!

jessi said...

great LO's those productive kind of days...and i effin hate jello too...whoever invented the stuff should be shot!!! and heehee...i passed that trait onto my kids...not-a-one likes the stuff!!!

Tania said...

I haven't had that kind of productive day in a long time, I think I need to lock myself up in my studio too! ;) And what Jessi said about jello, totally agree, lol.

Gillian said...

Great pages! Especially love your art journal page. Great quote :)

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