Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A very full week! Oh, and a winner too!

Phew! What a week...and it's only Wednesday! Let's start at the beginning of today. My dad has come to work with us on the farm for the summer (he's from Vancouver Island) and it has been so great. I've loved having him here and I know the kids are over the moon with having Papa here for the summer. We're trying to encourage him to move here permanently (I think it's working!) and he came into the house this morning - he's staying in one of our travel trailers on the property- for the daily "good morning" and cuppa coffee. He says to me "Go on the computer there and look up this Paul Simon song". I did and it was all I could do to not get totally teary.

If you're finished listening to the words and are ready to read on, I'll share some fun news. We-the DT- voted on the pages submitted to Flickr for May and had a tricky time picking a favorite layout. We all agreed on a designer but were pretty divided on which page should win. We settled on this one by Allison Curry:

and these are some of the other pages that were loaded to our flickr photo pool for the month of May. If you want a shot at winning one of our monthly Couture Collections, just upload your pages made from our weekly challenges and you could be the next winner!

And last night I taught my first class in my new classroom location in Downtown Whitehorse. Can I tell you how deluxe this place is?! The chairs are the best feature, hands down...ours is a town full of government officials so all the boardrooms in town are designed to suit them. Lucky for us! The place was spacious and comfy but next time we'll have to plan for some music but other than that it was fantastic!

We had an amazing time and if you want to see what we were working on, go on over to the Classes Blog to see for yourself and make sure you check back often so that you can join us for the next one!

OOH! And one final thing, we were in the paper! As you may or may not know, Ray and I took over his parents' sod farm and this has led to some frustrating rumors in our community. Folks are led to believe that we're sold out or closed for business or that our prices have nearly tripled. As I'm sure you can imagine, those rumors are not doing our business any favors! So we got this story printed in the Whitehorse Daily Star. A proud moment for sure!!


Anonymous said...

super's fun to be in the paper!!! it's a great shot of you're dad looks so different from 10 years ago!!

good luck with your persuasion...hope you have a great summer with him up there!! tell him i say hi!!

Jen said...

*tear* What a touching song.

That's great that you made it into the paper. I hope that it helps your business.

and...YAY!! Congrats Allie!!! You so deserve it!

Allie said...

Wow!! Thanks so much guys! You've made my day :). These challenges are so great. Congrats on the newspaper thing! Hope it calms the rumor mill.

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