Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Why do it the easy way?

So most of you know that I have moved from a quiet life of being a logger's wife on Vancouver Island where all my childhood friends and my family reside. I left because my husband and I had the chance to take over management of his parents' sod farm in Whitehorse Yukon...sounds like an adventure, right!?! Well, let me tell you about what kind of an adventure this is turning out to be.

We are both in way over our heads but for how overwhelming it is, it's also super thrilling to know that we're learning the ropes of the business that sustained Ray's family growing up and that it will also do the same for us and our kids as they grow up. I guess it'll be here for our boys too if they choose to be farmers...and every day is full; full of things to do, full of challenges and definitely full of successes (which is good because there are definitely days when I wanna dropkick my laptop outta the window!)

We've been setting the record straight with some of the confusion relating to the farm's change of management (like we're not going out of business, we're NOT sold out of sod- we haven't even started selling yet!, and our prices have NOT nearly tripled!) and today our local newspaper is coming out to the farm to get a photo of Ray and me for a story about the farm's history and about the change of management. YAY FOR US!

So I guess I better get my day underway so that I can continue to strike things off my To-do list...Oh, and Open Crop Night is tonight at the studio (7-10ish) Come if you can!


Karen said...

Shall we connect later and write an affirmation list together with all the reasons to take the more challenging route?

Vanessa said...

Ya, I think that might be a good idea...definitely need a pow-wow over the phone with ya!

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