Monday, September 8, 2008

Boxers, books and booze

You know how sometimes you just need a little glass of booze to make everything right with the world? If you are a believer in the medicinal (ahem!) qualities of alcohol, then get a load of the above photo. This is my new favorite red wine. I love me a good bottle of Yellowtail but usually buy the Shiraz or Cabernet-Shiraz blend but then I found THIS!!! Shiraz-Grenache. YUM-ola! If you are a lover of red wine, then add this bad boy to your list things to buy the next time. It's sweet without being sugary and is just simply lip-smackin' good.

I grabbed these books at Chapters while I was in Edmonton. I didn't have any room left in my suitcase so I had to mail them to myself! They got here a little less than a week after I got home and they are just sitting in a neat and tidy pile just begging to be read! Now, if you saw the monsterous pile(s) of books on my headboard, you'd probably think I'd gone right cuckoo buying more books but with this series, I just couldn't help myself. I like them because Ray can enjoy them and each chapter has an assignment to reinforce the material as well as an online community where you can upload your photos and get lots of support from other aspiring photographers. I'm dying to get started...not sure which book I'll try first...either Lighting or Exposure. We'll see...

And this is Mister Seth picking wild flowers for Grandma. He insisted that we go for a looooong walk so we did. We went way out down the dirt road behind our house and up into bear country till I realized that I'd walked pretty darn far and that I didn't want to have to pack Seth home so we did an about-face and headed home (under the guise of needing a snack!) One of the last warm, sunny days this summer. B000!
And lastly, my dog Rascal, looking like a fine purebred boxer (but I know his secret...that really he's just a block-headed goofball who sucks as a guard dog - to damned friendly and deaf as a stump!) He's such a lovely companion and fiercely loyal - but so thick in the head! LOL What a nut.

That's it, a little 'just because' photo-ey post just for the fun of it. It's a monday and I've got lots to keep me busy. My to-do list that I composed yesterday is already half-done so if I knuckle down today, I might get it all done. Maybe.


Allie said...

I'll have to try the red! I'm kind of developing a taste for it... usually I'm more of a Jack Daniels girl. Hee hee!

Tania said...

Ok, now I need those books too, and it's not like I really need any more either, lol. They sound awesome though, and the discription of your dog made me lol. Love this post :)

Beth Perry said...

I like Riesling myself, but I will have to give that a go. Suh-weet!


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