Friday, September 19, 2008

Challenge 90

Well, it's a late post...I know. This week has not been good. The ministry of children and youth services in Alberta took my best friend's foster-babies away for no good reason. It kills me that one person can wield the power to make false accusations and that the ministry can just swoop in and say things like, "If it were up to me, I'd take all your kids away forever and you'd never see them again!" Shannon is a professional foster parent and adoptive mother to four children. She's the person that Ray and I have named as the person to raise our children if we die while they are young. There is no reason those babies should be gone. My heart is hurting and it was very hard for me to get it together to post today. I'm not feeling any kind of scrap-ability.

Here's the sketch for this week. Please play along with our monthly contest and upload your work to our Flickr Group so that you can win a free Couture Collection. You can use any products you like in your pages.

Sorry I'm no fun today. Scrap happy on behalf of those who can't.

A little detail. Love it!


Tania said...

I can't believe I just read that! Do people not think about what will happen to those poor babies, babies who were lucky to get a mommy, to be ripped away from basically the only mommy they know like that? I makes me sick. It's every decent mom's worst nightmare. I hope Shannon can get through this alright.

Give her hugs for me

Kimberly White said...

Some great inspiration this week! Thanks!

PS, I hope the week gets better and those babies and your friend is okay!

Denise said...

Oh my...that is upsetting! I hope things work out...for your friend!

Thanks for a great sketch! I had fun with this one...loved it!

Tara said...

So sorry about your friends. Friends of mine went through a similar situation with their own daughter. Thankfully, everything eventually worked out but it was just devastating at the time. So sad for everyone.

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