Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rock the To-Do List

Oh boy! Remember that to-do list? Well, I got it (almost) all done. There's only one thing left to do and that's filling out our passport documents which is a total snore...which is why it's not done...which is why it's not crossed off the list...yet. I'm taking care of some seriously important projects like writing a review of a digital scrapbooking program, finding a new dentist - appointment on Thursday- and making class samples...among a laundry list of other boring things that I'd avoid doing if they weren't on my list.

I holed up in the studio last night and Ray (God, I love this man!) cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes, put the kids to bed and baked bread so I could get out there earlier. I know he's great and I'm so glad he's my fella!!! I managed to get three awesome pages done which I am just LOVING! It was the first time I'd sat down and actually used any of the new products I bought while in Edmonton. It was so therapeutic and that wine I mentioned the other day helped move my mojo along nicely too :)

This morning while reading Kal's post she mentioned cinnamon coffee...yum...mine just finished percolating and I think I'm gonna spice up my java this morning too, just for the sheer tastebud pleasure of it. And once I get the farm office all sorted out and lunch made for the crew, I'm going to disappear into town to ship a bunch of stuff and buy fabrics for a new idea I have...I'll show ya when it's done!


Tania said...

Yay, you got some scrapping done. :) Love the first one, the journaling rocks. :)

Denise said...

Oh I love your layouts! Awesome!

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