Monday, March 19, 2007

Birthday Eve!

Yay! It's birthday eve!! I have watched almost five episodes of either CSI, CSI New York or CSI Miami. I have been sitting on the couch with a drink in one of my new birthday Tupperware wine glasses and am quietly knitting my sweater. I made a few little mistakes so out of frustration, I pulled the works apart and am starting over. Not to fear, I only had about 4 inches of ribbing done, so it wasn't such a shocking thing to pull it all apart. I get the morning to myself (a lovely reprieve from the 10 kids currently staying at my place) and all I plan to do is scrap, scrap, scrap. We'll see how much I actually get done. My top priority is the challenges I'm behind on from here and from my photography challenges too. Lofty goals, I know but a girl can dream!

It's almost bedtime so my next post will be from me in my 30's!!!

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