Sunday, March 25, 2007

It seems so quiet!

Well, all my houseguests left this morning and I spent the remainder of the day removing all the handprints, boogers and spaghetti sauce deposited on my walls and floors by all the kids who ran amok for the last two weeks. As much as I am enjoying the peace and quiet (and the scent of bleach), I am missing my best friend very much. She is such an important person in my life and the last two weeks have been filled with memories and laughter. Such that all the poop stains in the world couldn't outweigh the value of time spent together. I am very happy that she is willing to embark on wild road trips with all her kids so that we can visit.

I've been scrapbooking like crazy and have about 20 pages to post on 2Peas. I'll put up a link here so you can see for yourself. Hard to believe that there were up to 10 kids staying in my little 3 bedroom 1/2 duplex over Spring Break and somehow I still managed to get caught up on some more scrapping! Not too shabby!

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