Saturday, March 17, 2007

Challenge 12 (Three days till my Birthday!)

I love my birthday. Anybody who knows me is painfully aware of this fact. This year I am turning 30 and up until the last few weeks, I have been very much at peace with the idea...that is, until the majority of my friends began offering their condolences for my misfortune of leaving my 20's for what sounds like a very ominous age. I suspect it is all just a bunch of unnecessary hoopla and that I will smoothly transition from "young adult" to full-fledged "grown-up".

I have spent the last few days partaking in all sorts of activities to commence birthday week, which is a concept that was introduced to my life by my dear friend, Karen. So far, I've had 2 lunches out, went book shopping, Macro lens shopping and tonight, I'm celebrating a birthday dinner with five other birthday-girls!

So, in my festive mood, I am going to give you a challenge that is all about fun and celebration. Our sketch is above and I want you to either dig out photos of a great celebration, or throw a party in the next little while 'just because' and be sure to have as much fun as humanly possible...and take photos, of course!!

Here's to birthdays!!!

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