Saturday, March 10, 2007

Just another Saturday

Today was one of those average, run-of-the-mill know, the kind where you think about the chores you *should* be doing, stay in your jammies WAY too late in the day and eat every meal at non-traditional times. I love days like this. It reminds me to live in each moment like it really matters. Watching TV programs with the kids (who knew Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were entertaining enough to actually watch the full length feature film!) and leisurely folding laundry have been key parts of what has ended up as a very relaxing day. Oh, I better not forget all that amazing knitting I got done too! I have to say, knitting is such great therapy. It makes me relax...sometimes to the point of drowsiness, which is perfect for those nights when I get home from teaching and I'm too wound up to just go right to bed.

I have got myself all set for the marathon scrap-session that awaits me later in the week. I'm looking forward to seeing how much progress we really make with 8 children in the house.

I'm taking a photography class tomorrow with my pal, Karen McKinnon from McKinnon Photography with a small group of amateur photographers like myself. I think it will be very inspiring. Hopefully, it will assist my archiving of details from the Hornby Island trip that Shannon and I are taking all those kids on.

I think that the upcoming two weeks will be busy, inspiring, productive and most importantly, FUN!!!
I'll let you know...

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