Saturday, June 30, 2007

Christine's first layout

Well, now that the design team has been established, the ladies are flexing their creative muscles and this time it's Christine's turn. I don't have her blog address yet but when I do, I'll post it in the list with everyone else's. This is Christine's interpretation of week 23's two-page layout. She's starting an alphabet book for her little guy. Christine is also in Karen McKinnon's "Chicks Who Click" class so it will be fun to get to know her in that environment in addition to being a part of the design team. Good work guys...bring it on! Let's see some more.


Tania said...

Those are some cute photos. Good to see some of your work. :)

Anonymous said...

nice, layout Christine. Cool to see some other people's stuff on your blog Vanessa as well as your amazing creations of course. K

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