Monday, June 25, 2007

Hug Of Joy

Get a load of this amazing creation. This innovative baby carrier is designed by Joy Nolette, a friend of my best pal, Shannon. Joy sent me the info for this simple, yet very effective product and I just HAD to share it with everyone! FMI email Their website is under construction but hopefully it won't be long till we can all shop online for these great slings.

This is what Joy had to say...

"Hug Of Joy baby carriers are a pouch style baby carrier that are custom made to fit the wearer and that have nothing that needs to be adjusted or hooked up or tied. The advantages to having a pouch style carrier that is custom made versus an adjustable carrier is that because it is custom made it is extremely comfortable for the wearer and for baby and especially safe for
I've had a customer comment that they wore their 19lb baby for 11 hrs at an event while moving them to different positions without becoming tired or uncomfortable wearing their Hug Of Joy baby carrier. They're very sleek and compact because they are made of a lightweight, silky, stretchy material. The material is the only material certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. It is made of crab and shrimp shells which make it naturally antibacterial, odor resistant, non-toxic, extremely cool and breathable, and environmentally friendly.
Hug Of Joy baby carriers can be worn with baby from newborn to 30 lbs. The price of the carrier is $ 39.99.


Tania said...

I have one like this but paid over $70 for it!!! Good deal.

Lotus Paperie said...

They look so comfortable, I wish I'd had one for my boys. Oh well, they'll make for great gifts!

Anonymous said...

You can now check out the website at

Joy Nolette said...

Visit for a list of stores taht carry the Hug Of Joy baby sling

Also see the photo gallery on the Hug Of Joy website

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