Friday, January 25, 2008

Challenge 56

There it goes again, another week! You won't believe some of the ultra rockstar pages these guys are bustin' out this time. I'm sure it has to do with two big factors- 1) the Couture Collections KICK ASS!!! and 2) working with non-layout inspo is a huge source of creative freedom. I don't know about you guys, but I love using images like these bowls to get my creative juices flowin'.
The bowls pictured above are found at ThreePotatoFour and I am still trying to curb the urge to buy them!!! So scroll on down and check out the scrappin' magic the Team rocked out this week and see if it doesn't spur you to make your own! Remember to upload your image to our Flickr group and get another chance at winning the Falling Frost Couture Collection!

(one of two pages for this challenge...guess she liked it!LOL)
(check out the circles at the bottom of the page...they're stitched together and snipped into lengths for the page- I borrowed the idea from a Martha Stewart Christmas book, the original idea was meant for cool!)


Karen said...

Those bowls are great, so is their whole site. I just checked them out and they are all sold out - so no decision necessary!

The Crawfords said...

Great work today everyone. Ronda I would love to know how you got that text on the photo. I had fun doing this one (not that I don't with all the others).

Have a great Friday from sunny Comox!!!



Jude said...

I can safely say I LOVE all these LOs... they involve my favorite colors, as Ronda and Jessi can attest to! LOL... what a great inspiration point too cause those bowls just became a "need" for my home!! LOL :)

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