Thursday, January 31, 2008

Now that's COLD!

So I woke up this morning and the house felt a little chilly. The fire had gone out during the night like it usually does and after going downstairs to wake Noah, I headed back upstairs to get breakfast & put some coffee on and I looked at the thermometer outside. You wanna know how cold it was? It was FIFTY EFFIN' BELOW ZERO!!!!! No wonder the house felt chilly! I phoned a girlfriend yesterday to announce how cold it had gotten and I think she thought I was kidding! So even though our kids don't exactly get 'snow days' and stay home from school, we do bundle them up really well and ship 'em out the door when the bus pulls up! (such a cold-hearted mom, I know) This morning I told Noah not to get sick or hurt at school because it would take three hours to thaw the engine block on the car before I could even drive the 20 minutes to get him! He laughed at me (more because I was right than because what I was saying was crazy!)

I just tried to cook some poached eggs but our propane stove won't light because propane gels at -45 and won't turn to gas when it's colder than that so I guess it's cold cereal for me! The water in our water tank has ice forming in it and hopefully the pipes don't freeze again (it took Ray 13 hours of constant work replacing heat tape & running the pressure cooker with a tube of steam to thaw it the other day) and since we take our water-truck to the creek to collect our water, I can't really ask Ray to risk life & limb standing in the bitter cold getting wet for the 45 minutes it takes to load the truck - assuming the pump isn't frozen solid which it probably is- and then stand outside while the truck loads the tank at the house. That's just not reasonable. So if this cold sticks around a few more days, we'll have to order water from town (yuck, I can't stand town water).

So even though I'm still in my jammies, I've done my 30 minutes on the brand spankin' new elliptical machine (I'm good and tuckered out now) and I was GONNA eat some poached eggs on my super yummy homemade bread, I've dealt with all my emails so far, drunk 2 very large cups of coffee and done a little knitting. Not too shabby for 10:00 am! So I'm going to put a movie on (and some wool socks) and pray to the weather gods to have mercy on my pansy ass and for the love of God, warm this S**T UP!

Enjoy your day, I'm sure it's a lot warmer than mine. Bet YOUR cars don't have square tires!


Tania said...

Hope things warm up for ya! Yikes! And nope, tires are still round, lol

jessi said...

o-my-gosh...that is freaking cold!!
i seriously hope things warm up for you soon!!!

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