Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Warm & fuzzy

It's always funny to me when I sit down at my computer (my best friend these days) and manage to think up some wild and creative idea that come out of my computer looking EXACTLY how I wanted it to. I'm so amazed that only five years ago I got my first computer with really only high school keyboarding skills to my name and have taught myself so much about the finer details of HTML, blogging, digital much. I think my brain has expanded but my humility (or insecurity-depending on where you're sitting) remains fully intact! One of my pals comes to me for blogging tech-support and I sometimes think she's kidding around because I can't possibly know something that she doesn't when it comes to the computer but alas, while she might kick ass behind a camera I guess HTML just isn't her thing.

The other night I was tucking Seth in to bed and he said "stay here mom, I NEED you" and ultimately every human does need to know that they are needed, that they truly matter to someone. I mean from a very positive self-esteem point of view, everyone -even those who feel great about themselves- appreciate being appreciated & valued. I love hearing from those I hold dear that they think I'm great at something (or that I'm just plain great!). It gives me a big fat warm fuzzy.

Well, I'm off to reorganize, create some new digital sketches, edit photos, drink coffee, fiddle with HTML some more and maybe if I'm super lucky I'll get to scrap a little too.


Tania said...

Aww, what a sweet thing to say to his momma. :) Emma used to be like that too when she was younger, she shows all that stuff in other ways now so I miss those moments.

Karen said...

I most definitely need you, with you in my life I am better (and not just at HTML)

The Crawfords said...

WOW, what a nice sentimental message. It is really nice to see (read) your vulnerable side. I know it because I know you, but you don't often blog about it. You have taught yourself so much. Maybe you can be Bruce's whitehorse, satellite office for computer stuff, LOL!!!!! Anyhow, loved the post.

Talk to you soon


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