Thursday, January 3, 2008

Challenge 53 - Meet Ronda

I love the opportunity that comes with new beginnings and let's face it, the best new beginning that you get to do over and over comes every January. With this January comes one big fat super duper new beginning and that is with our design team. This year, I have the honor of introducing you to Ronda Palazzari, our newest member of the Team. She is, by no means, a scrapbook rookie. She teaches at her local scrap shop and is the owner of and on the creative team for One Little Word. Now, you all know how much I love OLW...I'm kind of a groupie I guess you could say. So it's understandable as to why I'm so excited to have Ronda on our team. She's brimming with ideas, creativity and talent...just look at her page for this week. Man, I love change. So exciting & inspiring!

Also, our sketch for this week is a Lotus Paperie sketch which, as you can see by the pages below, can be translated so many ways. I think I'm not the only one feeling inspired these days.
Remember to upload your pages to our Flickr group to get your name in the hat for your own Couture Collection!

Details...lovin' that corrugated cardboard. Cheapest embellishment on the planet!



Tania said...

Hey awesome stuff girls. And again, welcome Ronda. :)

Gillian said...

yay!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ronda :) So glad to see her on the team! Awesome work ladies, now if only I was home with my scrap supplies so I could work on that sketch!

The Crawfords said...

Welcome Ronda. We are glad to have you join us. Looking forward to seeing more of your great work. Good job this week everyone. I will be posting late as I was away over the break and didn't get my still the day after boxing day.

Have a great day!!1


Ronda P. said...

So happy to be here and thanks for such kind words. You know how to make a girl blush!

Fawn said...

Hi Vanessa - I assume it was you who stopped by my blog, since you seem to make the postings around here...? :) I just wanted to say thanks for coming by and leaving a comment - I always love to meet new folks, so I'm thinking I'll have to come out to a class sometime, although scrapbooking for me is more about journalling and preserving photos than about decorating pages. I get hung up enough with a few pieces of pretty paper without lots of other embellishments added to the mix! :)

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