Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Moonlight Toboggan Run

I wish you could have been there...I have the best life, I tell ya. I just came back inside from playing with my family on our toboggan hill beside our house. We have a massive hill with the perfect clearing down the whole thing and the accumulation of snow is perfect for riding down over and over again! Ray was outside earlier today plowing the driveway for the school bus to make its entrance & exit every day and pushed a bunch of snow up to the bottom of the toboggan hill to eliminate the chance of injury (for the adults who brave the hill) where there was previously a sizeable dropoff (about a 2' drop). When you're bookin' it down the hill, knowing you aren't gonna slam into the frozen ground goin' mach-3 is slightly reassuring. We tested out the newly groomed run tonight and just came back in. It's 8:00 now and Seth is telling me after suckin' back a mug o' hot chocolate that he's sleepy & ready for bed. That never happens! We gotta do this more often. If we get on the hill when the sun's up, we'll get a few pics and share 'em!

Gotta go and warm up my cheeks...and I don't mean my face!


Tania said...

Totally sounds like fun! More fun that my night at the hospital. Emma's friend steped on her foot and she couldn't walk on it. 3 hours at the hospital over a vein that burst. I'm sure tomorrow will be better.
Hope your cheeks are warmed up, lol

jessi said...

sounds like fun!! we don;t have enough snow anymore for any kind of fun!!!! hopefully that will change in the next few days!!!

Michelle said...

Wish I was there!!!

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