Sunday, January 13, 2008

Elton John Glasses

My Noah really cracks me up. He has the ability to make a "funny" in a room full of adults that sends each and every one in the room into fits of laughter (and Noah is usually unaware of just how funny he is) His quick wit is entirely instinctual and he definitely has a sense of comic timing. When he was about four years old, he pulled out this gem pictured above. He enters the room as pleased as could be and says "Look mom, Elton John glasses!" not having a clue who Elton John even is-which totally added to the hilarity of it all. He likes to bust out this particular move from time to time while in front of a fresh audience.

Or like the time I was pregnant...we had experienced pregnancy chats while a few of my girlfriends were expecting and a curious then-pre-schooler is usually pretty eager to cover EVERYTHING (even the really squirmy stuff). When I was pregnant with Seth, Noah was about five years old and we were walking to school. More accurately, he was walking and I was waddling. Anyway, he asked me "when the baby's done growing inside your belly, how does it get out?" Now, had we never had the chats about the origin of babies I might have been caught ill prepared but instead I told said, "I know you know the answer to that question so I'm not even going to say it" He says to me (remember, he's five at the time) " CERTAINLY doesn't come out your mouth!" I tell ya, I was laughing so friggin' hard I had to sit right down on the sidewalk and get ahold of myself or else I'd have peed myself for sure! That kid, man. One of a kind and so damned funny!

The photo above is one of Karen McKinnon's many amazing photos (a snapshot by her standards) and it is one of my favorites because it is such an honest look at Mr. Noah...the performer! And think, he doesn't know what I mean when I tell him he should pursue a career in performing arts! (side note to the canvas-it's a class coming up at the end of the month...time to get messy. Go to the classes page to sign up!)

The page below was a moment of feeling like I was falling behind on my family album(s) for 2007. It would seem that my photo collection is absurdly large and will not all fit in one singular scrapbook album. Big surprise there! So now that I've reluctantly admit defeat with fitting all my pages into one album, I'm now left with the self-imposed pressure that automatically comes with putting pages into a new I just gotta fill it. *SIGH*

and this little darling is my Sethy rockin' out his most charming of moves...the wink


jessi said...

totally laughing right now!! i remember conversations like...dakota was too young to care about that part when i was preggers with haillee...but when i was preggers with delainey...thank god i was having a scheduled c-section...made it not a lie to say the baby is coming out of mommy's tummy!!! LOL...there favourite thing about it is now they go around saying...remember when delainey came out of mommy's tummy?? she had to have her tummy stapled you know!!

love the pages and great photo's!!!have a fabulous week!!

Tania said...

Love all your stories about Noah! lol It was the same with the girls when Emma was born, Chastity didn't care either, too young. But when Mikhail came along I taught them what goes on. They were 7 & 8(almost 9) when he was born and got to witness it. Emma let me know after it was all over that she was never having any babies. lol

Karen said...

I love the way you did the text on the Elton John glasses page - absolutely love it!

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