Saturday, February 9, 2008

What a DEAL!!

I don't exactly know why the retail gods were smiling on me yesterday, but they were! The town I live in is fairly small and rather isolated. We have no major department stores like Holt Renfrew, Macy's or Target. We have WalMart. That's it. We DO have lots of small retailers who sell skater clothes and high-school aged clothing. Not so much for the average mom who has a sense of style. I'm really a big fan of sales & not spending top dollar on fashion items (I used to be, but that was pre-kids). Now, I save the big spending for things like my winter boots that are rated for -40 and down-filled jacket liners that cost $300 or super hi-tech snow know, survival gear.

When it comes to my mon-uniform, I tend to stick to Reitman's jeans because they fit my booty and they sell petites so I don't have to hem them; and cool T-shirts from wherever they are on sale (my favorite is Jacob Annexe because they are long but have shape to fit my waist and again with the booty). For a very long time I pursued a dream to be a fashion designer. I did spend time creating custom wedding gowns & graduation gowns when I was younger. As a side effect of being involved in that industry, I became very familiar with the leading designers. Several were very exciting to watch and several have really become pillars of the industry.

So back to my small town and utter lack of good clothing shopping...I was making a grocery run and decided to visit Liquidation World, a great kind of never-know-what-you're-gonna-find kind of store. They sell stuff from all over the place.Things from foodstuffs to bed linens (and even the beds themselves!) Seth had managed to pour the entire contents of his sippy cup all over his pants in the car and being that it was -40, having wet pants was a really bad thing so we popped in to Liquidation World to grab a pair of cheap pants for him and that's when I saw IT! It was sitting very inconspicuously on the rack, blending in with all the other jackets and pajama tops that were missing their bottoms, all helter-skelter like these kinds of stores can be. I saw that IT was made of heavy weight cotton velvet with heavy distressed steel buttons, heavy gauge cotton satin lining, immaculately crafted welt pockets and seaming that if you knew what you were looking at, would make you drool. I was in love with IT, a great tan jacket. I was curious to see if the label had been cut out or not and it was fully intact. So was the original price tag...
This is NOT what I paid for it, but I was afraid to know what it WAS gonna cost. I almost didn't ask (it had no price tag for the clearance store on it) but when I asked the price, I almost passed out. It was $10. That's it. Can you believe it?!?! Score of scores, a Marc Jacobs cotton velvet coat for $10. Brand new, no flaws, label inside the jacket- NOT A FAKE!!! Unbelievable. So needless to say, I go to Liquidation World every single time I'm in town!! I hope everyone has great shopping Karma today!! Happy Saturday!


Tania said...

Nothing makes me happier than a deal like that! It was even your size?? How lucky are you?

Oh, about the petite thing, I STILL have to hem them, lol!

The Crawfords said...

Hey chick that looks gorgeous on you. You have the shopping gods on your side today. It would look really good if you decided to make a trip down the Valley, say the 2nd or third week in March, hint hint. I am going to LW this week to see what I can find.

Love ya



jessi said...

DUDE!! what a steal!!!!beautiful jacket...have fun enjoying it!!!

Gillian said...

You are so lucky! That is an awesome jacket. $10?? I can't believe it!!

Allison said...


Edleen said...

$10??? cool!!! i LOVE any kind of SALE and you really scored yourself some great stuff there! :)

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