Friday, February 29, 2008

Challenge 61

So for those of you who know me well, you'll see the above picture and realize that yes, my intention is to actually post day-by-day how many shopping days remain until my birthday. And the truth of it is that I don't really think I'm getting gifts, nor do I really want them, I just love the celebration of birthdays and the idea of being queen for a day - or a week as the case may be!! My oldest son asked me "if you get birthday week, what do I get?" I replied dryly with " Every other day of the year!". I don't think he saw the humor in my reply though!

So it's Friday again which I can hardly believe and that means that we've got a new challenge and it's the last challenge of this month. To be fair, we'll give you all a chance to use this page to post photos to the Flickr Group to win the Couture Collection that's up for grabs and we'll start March's contest after the first challenge of the month launches. Be sure to include the week that your page is being submitted for in the file name and please remember to upload to our photo pool so that we can see your pages to vote for them. Winners will be announced in March.
*note- you do not need to make pages using the Couture Collection, you can use anything you want. Just scrap and have a good time.

Below, you can see that everyone really enjoyed this sketch and produced some really fantastic results. I want to see what YOU do with this one so please go and rock it out and upload to the Flickr Group!


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