Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Word UP!

Hey everyone, it's Wednesday and over at One Little Word, the word of the week is up! Be sure to head on over to see what the Creative Team has made using this great word and get started on your own pages so you can win the fantastic freebies that are up this week. I might even get on it this time. I've got sooooooo many projects on the go but I've always got time for one more page.

I'm going to get a hair cut today. Not so sure how I'm getting it done though. Haven't decided between just a great trim & maintenance cut for my long-ish hair or if I should whack it off and get something cute and sassy. I kinda like being able to wear a ponytail but it seems that's the only way I wear it. Defeats the purpose, don't ya think? Maybe it'll be solved by getting a great long style. We'll see. My pal, Holly does my hair so I'll have to see what she thinks. I'm not very emotionally attached to my hair so decisions like this are not usually very hard. I'll post pics later today or tomorrow once I've gotten back from town. Wish me luck! LOL


Karen said...

Stay long, buy new great product and voila - inspiration to remove the ponytail!

Tania said...

Time, hmm, something we all need more of these days, hey? ;)

Hope you love your new look whatever it turns out to be!

The Crawfords said...

I say long too. i just got mine permed but I hate it so it is in a pony most of the time right now too. Please post pics so we can see. No matter what you get done you will look FAB


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